#1 Reason Moms Fail!

As a mom, I know that I want to get it “right” for my family. I’m sure you do, too. But have you ever asked what is the worst thing you can do as a mom? Have you ever thought about the actions you take that set your family up for failure?

I’ve been coaching and teaching moms now for over 15 years and what I see is that the worst thing we mommas do is live by the belief that says, “My needs must come last.”

When we live by this belief, we shut down to abundance. We shut down to love. We shut down to our God-given gifts and our life purposes. We shut down to true service. This belief we mommas live by is the #1 reason we fail.

No matter what you do as a mom, how loving you are or how much you give to your family, you set them up for failure when you put yourself last. That’s because they watch you and learn. They match you.


So what is the best gift you can give your family? What is your greatest act of service?

Loving yourself is your greatest act of service. And here’s why.

When you put your needs as a top priority, four things happen.

1. You create a connection to God. You put God first. That’s because as you honor and love the way you were created, you honor God. You create a connection so that you feel peaceful, loved and filled with joy.

2.  You say to the world that you matter. You are of value. And when you treat yourself this way, the world treats you with love, respect, kindness and gentleness. But it’s up to your to set this tone first.

3.  You give yourself a voice and ask for what you want. You get heart-centered, instead of living in survival.

4.  You open up to receive, allowing God’s miracles and abundance to show up.

Mom, your greatest act of service is when you stop putting yourself on the back burner. You matter. And so does your family. However, they will not know this at their core if you continue to set an example of lack and self-denial.

What kind of example do you want to set for your family? Lack or abundance? Do you want the ones you love to feel as if they don’t matter? Do you want them to feel as if their needs must always come last? Of course you don’t! As long as you continue to believe that you have to come last, you will send a message to the world that this is love. It’s not. It’s lack and is why we’re all struggling and in survival.

We mommas have the power to shift this thinking. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone knew without a doubt that they mattered? And can you imagine how people would interact with others if each knew that they were of value and could ask AND receive the things they needed without guilt? Competition and power struggles would end. People would support and honor one another. No longer would we live in survival as a world, but instead would live in peace and abundance.

We ALL have the ability to create a peaceful, joyful and abundant existence. The struggles we feel come from the inside. What’s going on in the world is simply a mirror of our own lack within. This is why it’s so important for us mommas to heal.

We have to let go of the beliefs that cause us to put ourselves on the back burner so we can end the cycle of struggle and failure. The key is to release the hidden false beliefs that say that to be a good mom, you have to come last.

Are you ready to create a shift within yourself and give your family and the world an incredible gift? Please add your questions and below. As always, I’d love to hear from you!


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