Energetic Healings

Tap into the Divine woman you were created to be and lead a life you love with grace and ease. Get my FREE monthly meditations and tools to guide you.

Energetic Healings

Ready to feel loved and supported like never before? Whether I provide the healing or teach you energetic tools to nurture yourself, you will love energetic healings! And the more you allow yourself to be loved this way, the deeper you’ll step into your life purpose with women all over the world who have taken a stand to be Women Leaders of Love.

There are several ways to work with me. Find the one that’s right for you:

1. Tapping into the Divine FREE Monthly Audio

2. Women Leaders of Love Divine Level Subscription

3. Private Energetic Healing and Coaching Sessions

1. Tapping into the Divine FREE Monthly Audio

Each month you’ll receive my newsletter. And in that letter, you’ll get a link to my free monthly audio, Tapping into the Divine. This call is filled with meditations and healing to help you love and nurture yourself into inner and outer abundance.


These monthly Tapping into the Divine calls are absolutely free.
However, if you feel a call for MORE support, I invite you to dive deeper.

Join our tribe as we meet regularly in our Women Leaders of Love Divine Level.


2. Women Leaders of Love ~ Divine Level Subscription – try it for just $19.95 for the first month!

Ready for a BIG SHIFT? The Divine Level Subscription is filled with healing and tools to help you dive deep into your core and life purpose. Here’s what you’ll receive:

1. Tapping into the Divine regular monthly healing session in Mp3 format to keep forever.

2. On the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, join us for a LIVE 60 minute call consisting of meditation and energetic healing, as well as Q&A and laser coaching. Women who choose to go deeper with this Divine Level will meet at 8:30 p.m. Eastern US. You’ll love the interaction and hearing each other’s stories. Plus, each session I choose as many people as possible to do laser coaching and healing. We go deep, deep, deep! And if for some reason you can’t make it to the live sessions, you will receive the Mp3 downloads as yours to keep.

Divine Level ~ $19.95 for the first month, $34.95/month thereafter

$34.95 per month recurring payment. Cancel Anytime!*



3. Private Energetic Healing and Coaching Sessions

Are you in need of some personal loving attention? Want some help with your relationships, career, or simply need tools to deal with daily life? Are you ready to step into your life purpose? I am here to help! I am available for private energetic healing and coaching sessions. To learn more about my private energetic healing and coaching sessions, click on the two different graphics below.

For deep discounts on coaching and energetic healings, please contact my assistant 
Jen@terribritt.com to get further information on my package deals.

“To say that Terri is a powerful and gifted teacher, coach and healer is an understatement. I came to her at a point in my life where I was deeply hurting, lost, and confused – in need of the kind of transformation I didn’t even know would be possible. In our sessions together, I accomplished more than I ever imagined. Terri held the space for me to examine and release a lifetime of limiting beliefs and stuck energy, which made way for some big, immediate changes. I landed my dream job and I hadn’t even applied for it! I gained clarity on my deepest desires, learned how to truly love and care for myself, and formed stronger connections in all of my relationships. I left every session inspired, empowered and with new tools to live a more joyful and abundant life. Terri is unlike anyone I have ever known. If you have any inkling to work with her, please do. It will change your entire life. ~ Lindsay Washick