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I just wanted to let you know I met a listener on the street yesterday that told me they loved our interview with you so much that they stayed in the car until you were done before entering work. Thank you!” ~ Liz Callaway, Hot Talk Morning Show Co-Host, WRNN 99.5 FM


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TEDx Valparaiso University 
Unconditional Self-Love: A New Family Paradigm

She Talks/Women Gone Wild
Lead with Love

Bob Barker interviews Terri for the Top 12 Miss USA 1982

Bob Roth, Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, interviews Terri on the final episode of
Terri Britt’s Leading with Love.” Click here to watch.

Unlocking Intuition: Terri Britt’s Journey from Miss USA to Spiritual Enlightenment – Fox 5 San Diego


WILD Magazine

The Chicago Journal

New York Weekly

NY Wire

WILD Magazine

US Reporter Magazine

KIVO Daily

Authority Magazine

Shoutout Atlanta

Thrive Global

The Huffington Post


Health Design Leadership Podcast

Mature Allure

Angels Positivity & Love

The Soulful Mind

Women’s Dream Enlightenment

What are your dreams telling you? I’ve had some doozies over the years that have guided me on my spiritual journey. I shared some of them on Megan Mary’s Women’s Dream Enlightenment podcast. But that wasn’t all we discussed. We dove into topics such as the “witch wound” that shuts women down from following their intuition, to how to live in prosperity consciousness.

Becoming the Channel Podcast

One of the highlights of this episode is when Terri and I discuss the importance of making friends with your inner child. By taking care of your inner child, you can connect with your past self and channel high consciousness frequencies like worthiness, joy, and wealth consciousness.

Reclaiming Consciousness Podcast

You Must Be Out Of Your Mind Podcast

Share Your Magic Podcast

The Awakened Heart Podcast

The Energy Fix Podcast

Dating Den with Marni Battista podcast

Learn how I shifted from being dumped by Wayne Newton during my year as Miss USA to letting go and meeting my first hubby Steve, to walking through his death, to how I manifested Charlie, my hubby now of 13 years. Listen to “The Mistakes You Are Making that Block Your Ability to Meet High Quality Men” here.


The Liz Callaway Show


Unlocked with Tracy Wilson


Interview on the Bold podcast with LeGrande Green, Emmy award winning former producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show.