WLOL Mission

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Women Leaders of Love is a movement of women who accept the leadership role of courage to take a stand for re-defining love. We are no longer willing to put our voices, our passions, or our desires on the backburner, believing this is love.

Women Leaders of Love stand for truth, being real, and being kind and gentle to ourselves. We are women who love by expressing our unique gifts, no holds barred. We are passionate, playful, sensual and dynamic.

We no longer perform for approval. We are the leaders of our own lives, embodying the intuitive, wise Divine Mother within each of us.

We are messengers of this new definition of love. We live as pioneers and joyful examples in our homes, communities and the world, knowing THIS is our greatest act of service as others watch us and learn.

We support and celebrate one another knowing that as we lift each other up, we heal pain and separation.

As Women Leaders of Love, we shift the world into Divine Love, creating a Global Enlightened Family of peace, acceptance and unconditional love.

And it begins with each of us loving ourselves first.