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Are you open to receiving love in your relationships?

Most of us think we are RECEPTIVE, but when we look at our receptivity gauge, we realize that we’re not as open as we think. We took a look at those gauges in this week’s Women Leaders of Love Own Your Worth Wednesdays. And then we dove deep into meditation to release the family programming that shuts us down to receiving. PLUS, PLUS, PLUS, you don’t want to miss the coaching and healing that happened with one of our participants. It was powerful with tips and tools to help her create and attract a loving relationship.

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Hope you to see you next week! Enjoy the replay!
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Can We Just Be Done?

“CAN WE JUST BE DONE?” Have you ever asked yourself this due to a difficult situation or relationship issue that just won’t seem to go away? Well, you’re in the right place in this week’s Women Leaders of Love Own Your Worth Wednesdays. I share some tips, tools and a powerful meditation to clean up that crap! Plus, you’ll witness a couple of our Zoom callers receive some transformational coaching.

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See you next Wednesday!
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Do you feel alone?

Listen to my crazy story of how my guides were trying to get my attention yesterday and today. It’s so wonderful to feel supported. Do you? Or do you feel alone? And as if you aren’t supported, loved and nurtured by God and the Universe? Or, maybe you have times where you feel loved and other times you don’t? If so, you don’t want to miss this week’s session of our Women Leaders of Love “Own Your Worth Wednesdays.” In it, I help you open up and create a deeper connection. Some of our participants had major breakthroughs this week in owning their worth and one even had a cosmic 2×4 during the meditation. It was powerful! Woohoo! You can watch the full replay here.

We meet every Wednesday at 2 pm EDT via Zoom and Facebook. If you’d like to participate in the Zoom call where you can ask your questions but aren’t a part of our mailing community to receive the weekly Zoom link, there are several ways to be added.

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2. Take The Worthiness Quotient Quiz. Want to know if you’ve truly owned your worth? You’ll get a clear view of how open you are to receiving love, nurturing and support. Most of us think we’re open, but we aren’t. When you take the quiz, you’ll see where your Worthiness Quotient sits and some steps to raise it. Plus, you’ll be added to our Zoom mailing list to join us on these weekly calls. Take the WQ Quiz at www.terribritt.com/quiz.

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