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Terri was fantastic at our annual ladies luncheon and very inspirational. Her story of learning to truly love yourself to bring more peace into your life was extremely well received. Terri is a wonderful speaker and engages the audience in a storyteller way that keeps you listening to the very end. If you are looking for an uplifting speaker who is aligned with her message then look no further.

~Tracy W. Palmer, Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association

You were a wonderful success at the Viva La Life! Conference.  I attended your session personally and was moved by your ability to connect with the participants. One attendee’s evaluation stated that the best part of our conference was your presentation. Congratulations and keep up your fine work. 

~John J. Pujol
Area Conference Chair
Young Presidents’ Organization

To say that Terri is a powerful and gifted teacher, coach and healer is an understatement. I came to her at a point in my life where I was deeply hurting, lost, and confused – in need of the kind of transformation I didn’t even know would be possible. In our sessions together, I accomplished more than I ever imagined. Terri held the space for me to examine and release a lifetime of limiting beliefs and stuck energy, which made way for some big, immediate changes. I landed my dream job and I hadn’t even applied for it! I gained clarity on my deepest desires, learned how to truly love and care for myself, and formed stronger connections in all of my relationships. I left every session inspired, empowered and with new tools to live a more joyful and abundant life. Terri is unlike anyone I have ever known. If you have any inkling to work with her, please do. It will change your entire life.

~Lindsay Washick

This course was the absolute best course I have been a part of! Terri is so spiritually intelligent and she communicates with such love and compassion for her students. I felt like she was my personal divine mother telling me and leading me to all the truths that were so misunderstood and even twisted in my past. So much stuck energy has been lifted. I feel and know that I am a channel for love and my path to coach and mentor others to their JOY and passions was and is so clear NOW!! Thank you Terri for all your light and love. Your work and this course is a life changer!

~Pamela Vatrano

This course was incredible. I am so grateful to have discovered this training. Terri is amazing as a coach, teacher, and healer. I was honored to participate and am telling all my friends how great these tools are for using every day! One of the best investments I have made in myself. Can’t encourage you enough to do this for yourself. Sincerely changed the way I think!

~Rene Koop

Terri has the ability to reach in and dig down to those hard to look at places in life and spread beautiful light there. Her openness and honesty about her life experiences made me feel comfortable and at ease to share some tough things in my own life. The Divine Level calls are a wonderful community of women that I have really enjoyed getting to know. Best part is even if I can’t be on the call live, I can listen to the replays.

~Lori Kingery

Terri brings such a grounded but yet playful energy to her classes. She comes from a place of authenticity, which really makes us all feel like her friend. I feel she gives her all in creating a beautiful safe haven with full support while she is showing us how to explore our own inner world, getting in touch with our individual uniqueness and gifts. She has a way of making us all feel special for our uniqueness. Thank you Terri!

~Edie Perkins

I had spent my entire life questioning myself, wanting to hide, never secure in any decision I made.  I always felt like I wasn’t nice enough, I was too judgmental, and I wasn’t a good enough friend. It seemed as though my head was constantly spinning.  By the time I reached Terri’s class I was so good at appearing ‘all together,’ I didn’t even know who I was anymore.  And to make it worse, I was constantly screaming at my beautiful three-year-old daughter.  God made it very clear something had to change; I was in so much pain.  And Terri gave me that change.  She gently nudged me forward, helping me take that first step to healing, and I haven’t been the same since.  My life has literally exploded with love, creativity, new paths I never thought possible.  Because of The Enlightened Mom class, my husband even wants to make changes.  Thanks, Terri! 

~Krista Squiers, Enlightened Mom

 I wasn’t quite sure why I was even listening, the first time I heard Terri speak – but she seemed to be speaking directly to me.  She knew just what my situation was and what I was feeling!  So, I had to hear more. Although my Enlightened Mom conference call group was made of women at diverse points in their journeys, Terri’s comments and suggestions for one woman were always relevant for all of us. She has such a deep understanding of the process and those she is working with! I’m keeping her tools and book handy as I continue my journey. 

~Karen Armas Landau, Enlightened Mom

The Enlightened Mom Seminar is powerful. Terri took me on a path of self-discovery and I was able to release a lot of issues that held me back from being the wonderful, powerful, creative person God intended me to be. I discovered God isn’t ‘Over there.’ God is inside of me and I am able to feel his love anytime I want. My eyes, heart and spirit are wide open and my life flows with greater ease. Now that I am happy, centered, and grounded, my relationships are deeper, especially with my children and husband. My creativity has returned, my health has improved and my loneliness has disappeared. I have a strong connection to the universe and for the first time in my life, I feel important just for being me. 

~Sabrina Reber, Enlightened Mom

 I instantly felt a connection with Terri.  She is a ‘shining angel’ in human form. When she speaks, you see and feel the light pouring out from her. 

~Lorraine Downs, Wellington, NZ

 When I made the decision to leave a demanding career to take care of our new twins, full-time, I just wasn’t prepared for the difficulty of the transition.  I allowed my pre-programmed notion of being a dedicated, selfless wife/mother rule my days.  I wasn’t making time for me and I wasn’t taking care of myself physically, emotionally or spiritually. I thought giving “it all” to my family was a good thing–but what I didn’t realize, was that depleting myself in this way was keeping me from being a truly great wife, mother and individual.

Terri’s advice and guidance for finding balance and greater fulfillment in my chosen path has been refreshingly practical and extremely empowering.  She has an amazing gift for pinpointing the critical issues and providing her clients with the spiritual tools they need to re-shape their reality into what they want it to be.  Most importantly, she has taught me to trust and listen to my true spirit…my heart.

I feel, through the work that Terri and I have done together, that I am becoming a better partner to my husband, a more fun-loving, energized mother and a better friend to myself. 

~Pam Haering, Enlightened Mom

 Terri’s workshop was thrilling! She is so dynamic. I loved every minute of it. I didn’t want it to end. 

~Paula Jean Zaslov, NY

You were a wonderful success at the Viva La Life! Conference.  I attended your session personally and was moved by your ability to connect with the participants. One attendee’s evaluation stated that the best part of our conference was your presentation. Congratulations and keep up your fine work. 

~John J. Pujol
Area Conference Chair
Young Presidents’ Organization

 It was a fantastic experience!  Terri’s workshop was very groundbreaking as I was able to connect the dots.  Today a bell rang.  A light went off. 

~Rodney Dunn, NY

This course was the best money I have ever spent! Wow! What an investment! Terri is truly a blessing from Heaven. The information I obtained from her class was massive. I often blamed my husband and this course helped me realize that the demands I believed were being put on me by him, and others, were demands I put on myself. Terri taught me the spiritual tools I need in life to help me heal, as well as help my family heal. This course taught me how to be the best wife and mother I can be and this knowledge will last a lifetime. I am truly grateful to God for bringing Terri into my life and I feel this is the best gift a mom could ever give herself and her family. 

~Tina Watson, Enlightened Mom

 I didn’t expect to feel the absolute sheer joy I feel now after doing Terri’s workshop. I feel like I’m reborn! 

~Shelley Orchier, NJ

I had heard of the Enlightened Mom workshop through a friend and she encouraged me to go.  I didn’t really know what to expect and never realized how my life would change.  Terri taught us creative tools to release the anger within ourselves and, by doing this, helped us see the world in a loving way.  She helped me realize that if I let anger rule me in an overwhelming situation then negative energy is generated. But if I let God’s love flow through me, it creates positive energy and, therefore, flows over to my children creating a less stressful environment.  Terri is very knowledgeable in all aspects of her discussions and very thorough. I feel that all the moms in the world would feel so enlightened if they could just talk to her!  She is amazing and helps us realize that we are too! 

~Gretchen Hagan, Enlightened Mom

I’m writing to thank you for the presentation you gave at the Network for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs. Your talk spoke straight to the hearts of many women in the audience. I know some lives were changed as a result of your presentation. Plus, I really appreciate that you shared your powerful story and gave everyone a very practical tool they can use everyday to help turn stress into success. 

~Christine Kloser
Founding Director
NEW Entrepreneurs, Inc.

I have suffered from anxiety for a good portion of my life. My anxiety became unmanageable when I had my first child. Looking for ways to control this disorder I tried counseling, medication and numerous self-help books.  Nothing seemed to work, until I attended Terri’s class.  She gave us real tools to heal our lives. My anxiety is almost nonexistent now. I know I have received a gift from God, through Terri, that has made me a better and more loving mother, wife and friend. I thank Spirit for guiding me to Terri.  Our meeting was truly Divine! 

~Lauren Romano, Enlightened Mom

Everyone needs to participate in Terri’s workshop.  You will leave there a changed person. Terri is a wonderful gift to humanity. 

~ Kirk Dobson, NY

Terri’s “Enlightened Mom” seminar offered a results oriented opportunity to look within myself for true answers to life’s everyday problems and more. Terri inspired me to approach life from a foundation of love.  Even though I grew up attending church, I never felt fulfilled spiritually. Now allowing myself to look within, I feel connected to God and the ability to receive guidance directly.  Should anyone have reservations or fear of meditation, I encourage you to FEEL the fear and just do it!  Terri’s class inspires love, growth, and pure conflict resolution in your life. 

~Martha Wehbe, Enlightened Mom

I connected with Terri immediately during her workshop.  Her abundant energy and charm is contagious!  She is one of our earth angels. 

~ Laurie Nickoloff, WA

The Enlightened Mom has truly changed my life! As a new mommy, I was overwhelmed and stressed thinking I had to be this completely wonderful superwoman who does it all and everything is perfect.  Terri has taught me that I need to take “me time” and find out who I am and what makes me happy.  She has given me all the tools I need to continue to keep myself grounded and to heal myself.  I highly recommend this workshop to EVERY woman!  Terri is amazing!  She will help you heal and become the woman you have always wanted to be so you can be the best mom and wife possible, because you are truly happy. 

~ Christian Jones, Enlightened Mom

I highly, HIGHLY recommend the Stepping Onto the Path class to anyone” I have been doing my ‘spiritual work’ for several years now. After taking Terri’s Stepping Onto the Path class, I feel like I have a whole new tool box to reach into whenever I need!

~ Mica Gadhia, NC