I’m so glad you’ve found your way here! I’m Terri Britt and my deepest desire is to help you get off of the societal hamster wheel of stress and struggle by nurturing and loving yourself into inner abundance. As you create this deep connection within, you will raise your Worthiness Quotient and open up to receive a life that flows with miracle after miracle showing up! But it all begins by loving yourself first. The cool thing about this is that as you love yourself into abundance and miracles, you become an example for others to watch you and learn. This is what it means to be a Woman Leader of Love.

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Are you playing without guilt? I’m talking about really playing, where you don’t have mind chatter saying, “Well, I REALLY need to be doing _____,” or “I’m going to get so behind if I take this time for myself.”

We women have a tendency to put playtime last on our list. And when we do play, we’re usually buried in guilt.

And most of us learned it from our mommas.

For many women, as soon as they become mothers, their natural instinct says, “I must protect my babies.” So moms tend to quit having fun. They put on their responsibility hats and place themselves on the backburner. As little girls, we watch our moms and learn to believe that THIS is how women are supposed to be. So we perpetuate the cycle as we grow up, shutting ourselves down to truly having fun.

But did you know that being playful is one of the greatest ways to feel connected, protected and loved? Want to know why? Click here to read on. And please share this with all the women in your life so we can bring more joy to the world!

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