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Award Winning Book

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Mom, you set the tone for your family.  If you want them to live lives of abundance, be an example of abundance. If you want your family to have lives of happiness, be an example of happiness.  If you want them to enjoy lives of peace, love and fulfillment, be an example of these things.

It’s not what we do for our families,
but how we live our lives that impacts them the most.

Most mommas don’t live by this truth.  Instead, we deny ourselves, believing this is the loving thing to do.  But when you deny yourself, you disconnect from your heart.  This is what causes your pain and suffering. You become angry, resentful, overwhelmed, sad or depressed. And the next thing you know, you’re handing your pain over to your spouse and kids.

If you’re ready to stop the cycle of pain and suffering, you must shift your mindset. That means you have to stop denying yourself and get to know who you are. And as you honor and love the way you were created, you become a more joyous and loving mom.

Message Sent: Retrieving the Gift of Love



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In Message Sent, Terri Britt shares inspiring stories from her own journal and the awakenings she experienced as she made the decision to follow her heart as a wife and mom.

Terri’s journey began when she had just been named Miss USA 1982. Instead of the joy she expected to feel, there was only emptiness. She had lived her life trying to be everything people thought she should be and in the process she had lost herself. She continued this path of self-denial with her marriage and her family …until she discovered the gift of change.

Through deep introspection Terri learned that the love and approval you crave don’t come from your spouse, your kids, your parents or your friends; love comes when you find it within. Terri learned to retrieve the love within and now shares the gift of her discovery with the world. Message Sent takes you to your heart and inspires you to ask yourself:

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