How to stop feeling like a doormat

How to stop feeling like a doormat. That’s one of the topics we discussed in this week’s Own Your Worth Wednesdays. We changed it up from our normal sessions and opened up to more questions. It was so much fun! I hope you enjoy and celebrate the women who raised their hands and asked questions, as well as the healings they received.

If you’d like to participate in the live Zoom portion of our call, feel free to grab any of the following items mentioned in the session and listed below. Then you’ll be sent the link on both Tuesday and Wednesday for next week’s session. Here are the gift links:

1. My FREE Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle where you’ll receive my Women Leaders of Love eBook and three guided meditations that will not only help you get grounded in why it’s so important to break the rules and love yourself, but will also give you tips and tools to do so.

2. Grab my FREE guided meditation, “Grounding in God’s Light.” It will help you open up to receive the love, nurturing and support that you deserve in every area of your life!

3. Here’s where you’ll find the sacred healing group, The Divine Level, that I mentioned at the end of this live broadcast. During these powerful sessions that I lead the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month in the evenings, we go deep into meditation, as well as deep discussion, and really expand our practice. Check it out at the link above.

Have you checked out my digital series, “The Worthiness Quotient: Claim Your Crown…Lead a Life You Love”? I take you step-by-step into breaking the generational cycle of pain and suffering so that you might create a life of peace, joy, passion, purpose and love, and become a messenger of love for your family.


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