Sitting in Gratitude for My Hubby’s Heart Surgery

I am sitting in gratitude today that my hubby is alive. We just found out that he has to have a triple bypass open-heart surgery this coming Monday. He’s got one artery that is blocked about 95%, one that is about 80-85%, and another that is 60-70%. Plus, the docs found a deformity of the heart that needs to be fixed.

If I’m real honest, this news shook me up at first. Memories of my late hubby, Steve, dying of a massive heart attack engulfed me. But as a dear friend reminded me, Charlie is not Steve. Charlie is on his own journey and got signs to take care of his heart. Steve did not until the very end and then he thought it was his back that was hurting.

Thankfully, after my friend’s wise words, I allowed myself to let go of the past and got present with Charlie’s situation. Whew! It was rough there for a few moments!

I share this news with you for several reasons. I want you to know how we are walking through this new journey so that it might help you with a troubling situation in your own life.

First of all, when a situation happens that makes you feel emotional, ask yourself, “Am I upset due to the present situation or the past?” If you can let go of the past, it will help you release unwarranted fears and walk with grace and ease through the current situation. If you can’t quit thinking about the past, allow yourself to go into it and ask yourself what false belief you took on back then. Understanding often brings healing and will allow you to let go.

For instance, I could have taken on a belief that heart problems mean death. I have not only Steve’s passing to make me take on a false belief about this, but also a whole family history of heart issues in my mom’s family. Their history has little to do with heart attacks, but with heart problems and people dying from them. But once I looked at what I was reacting to and brought myself back into the present, instead of fear, I moved into gratitude that Charlie is being helped.

That brings me to my next point. Gratitude for the future.terri-and-charlie

We are so grateful that the doctors discovered Charlie’s heart issues. But that’s not the only thing we are grateful for.

We are sitting in gratitude that Charlie is healed and that we are hiking in the woods with our two dogs. We even see ourselves getting an old jeep to take down the many dirt roads of these Georgia mountains we live in. It’s a fantastic vision! And we’re already scoping out jeeps!

Instead of feeling like victims to this situation, Charlie and I are holding a vibration that he is healed and that a tremendous gift is being given to him to create the life he has been wanting for a long time, but hasn’t felt physically that he could have. Charlie has been somewhat low-key this week due to the doctor’s orders, but his attitude is amazing!

To walk through a scary situation in gratitude is so freeing! We are often taught to worry by watching the people around us.  We watch our parents worry over us as kids and even as adults. If you’re a parent, you know what I mean. We think we’re doing the loving thing, but we’re actually sending a message to our kids to be fearful, when what they really need is to trust and sit in gratitude that all is well. So that’s what we’re doing.  We are choosing to believe that Charlie is healed and rejoicing in our life here in the mountains.

I hope these thoughts help you in some way. Try them out. See how it feels to switch your attitude from feeling like a victim to being empowered in gratitude. It’s so much easier to live life this way. Gratitude is a choice that we each get to make.


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  1. Thanks, Terri. I am so glad you are able to be in the present and hold that vibration. I wish you and your husband continued peace and healing.

    It’s important to be reminded that this is an option and though I am often not practicing this mindset yet, every time I am reminded like this I know it strengthens me to change my old beliefs.

  2. I kove your response to this situation, for to see the results is the beginnig of the healing.. life is to be lived and to expect is dreams and expctations do come true…Personaly I also than god in advance for his hand on all things in my Life for his Glory.. God Bless you Both i good health and Love . Peace and joy.

    1. Sharon, I agree completely. It’s all about leaning on God. To me, when I sit in gratitude for things to manifest in the future, I feel as if I am sitting in faith that God has already taken care of it. Woo hoo! Thank you for sharing your heart with us and your wisdom.

  3. Terry I can tell your a wonderful wife when I had a stroke my wife and family gave me the support I needed and that was so wonderful your beauty is both in and out

  4. Wishing you and your husband a full speedy recovery! Everyone needs a little gratitude in their lives! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Terri, you are a very strong woman…And I agree that holding a positive picture/outcome, having positive people around, and (positive energy) etc. is the way to be. I’m not putting the doctor/s down in anyway, nonetheless everything comes into play. The skill of the surgeon, the care from the nurses, the support of family, friends, prayers, and holding a positive image… it all matters. I can say this because, I was told my husband wouldn’t live past a certain time/date. His heart function was at transplant level… it’s still unbelievable low. And I’m not going to lie and say he isn’t still a brittle CHF patient, but he is. Nonetheless, he has done amazing well. When he was in the hospital the first time, I told him he was walking out of the hospital, and he did. That’s the image I held. I’m holding that image for Charlie too. So I’m sending love, light and Godspeed your way. And don’t forget (you already know this) take care of yourself too.

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