Thursday, October 24th ~ Craig Kolavo: I Am God In Disguise – So Are You – Time for a Spiritual Revolution!

Join the Spiritual Revolution! Awaken the Sleeping Giant within. Divinity is your birthright. It’s time to reclaim your power!

Although we are experiencing a turbulent time in history, there is reason for optimism. The world is entering a phase of positive change and increased awareness.

The Universe doesn’t make mistakes. Everything happens for a reason. It was time for a wake up call!

I Am God in Disguise is a call to action. A call to rediscover our Primal Way. Our collective purpose as human beings is to Discover our Divine Nature, Surrender to this power within, and Inspire others on this journey.

Craig Kolavo is an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, father, husband and any minute now he will be a grandfather!

Craig’s interest in spirituality began as a bit of a punishment by his father for being an unruly teen. His father “dragged” him to attend a Bob Proctor workshop and he was immediately hooked. A few years later his father gifted Craig with a Wayne Dyer book and some Dr. Denis Waitley audio tapes, both of which fed his hunger for more information and furthered his spiritual growth as a seeker.

Several years after being introduced to the spiritual work of Bob Proctor and Wayne Dyer, Craig founded AwesOm Life in 2012. The venture, which began as more of a passion-project than a business, was inspired by Craig’s love of yoga, spirituality, and wellness. To be of service in the community, he created inspirational posters and prints that were sold to raise money for local charities. Other products have included Ayurvedic meditation mats and yoga sculptures, the creation of which allowed Craig to enjoy one of his many hobbies, metal work through welding and sculpting.

Craig recently authored his book, I Am God in Disguise, So Are You. In his book, he leads readers on a spiritual adventure, in a very innovative and accessible way. Craig’s unique style simplifies and demystifies this spiritual path in a fresh and often humorous fashion.

To learn more about Craig and his work, please visit his website: