Thursday, September 19th ~ Florence Ann Romano: How to Raise a More Connected Generation

According to a recent survey by the global health service company Cigna, the loneliest generation in the United States today is not the oldest Americans but the youngest, specifically young adults between 18 and 22 years old. Students may have thousands of friends online, but few in real life. As a result, they feel disconnected from what it means to be human. The influence of many factors and the reality of the world we now live in has directly contributed to a crippling sense of anxiety and alienation in students across the country, but the question is what can we do to put a stop to it for the generations to come?

Florence Ann Romano, The Windy City Nanny™, is a dedicated philanthropist and former nanny who has always had a special place in her heart for children. Romano worked for over 15 years as a nanny, beginning as a ‘Mommy’s helper’ at the age of 11. She shares her experiences in Nanny and Me (Mascot Books, May 2015), her beautifully illustrated debut book for children making the transition from being cared for solely by their parents to having a nanny in their home.

Born and raised just outside Chicago, Romano earned a degree in performance theatre at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. She is the owner of Trinity, LLC – a 100% woman-owned and new family company that runs the Kindred Content production company. Romano also serves as President and Founder of a junior board for young professionals that support Autism awareness for children and adults.

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