You Get to Choose How You Live Your Life!

You Get to Choose How You Live Your Life! If you’re ready to feel seen, heard and valued, and choose a life you love, here are some quick tips in this short video to get started. Then come join us in our Women Leaders of Love community to watch this week’s Own Your Worth Wednesdays where you’ll see three participants receive coaching from me to help them lead lives they love.
To watch the full OYWW REPLAY, go to Women Leaders of Love
Come join us every Wednesday at 2 pm EDT. You can watch right here on Facebook, or if you’d like to join us on Zoom to ask questions and receive coaching, check your email inbox for the Zoom link. We send it out every Tuesday and Wednesday.
Not a member of our Zoom list? Simply grab one of the freebies below and you’ll be added.
The Worthiness Quotient Quiz: See where you’ve owned your worth and how open you are to receiving God’s unlimited love, abundance, guidance and support. You’ll receive a personalized report and some steps to truly own your worth and lead a life you love. Take the quiz and you’ll be added to the Zoom list.
The Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle: Grab this free gift and you’ll not only be added to the Zoom list, but you’ll also receive my Women Leaders of Love ebook and three companion guided meditations to help you see why loving yourself is of the upmost importance.

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