Are you ready for overflowing love, success and happiness? And to be FULFILLED?
Are you eager to feel guided, nurtured and supported in every area of YOUR life?
And...are you looking forward to RECEIVING more miracles and abundance than you ever imagined?
You can achieve all these and more when you RAISE your Worthiness Quotient!

With spiritual coach, healer, award-winning author, and former Miss USA Terri Britt, discover how you can create a deeper connection to yourself and your higher power, so you feel nurtured (seen, heard, valued, loved, and supported) in every area of your life, and inspire others by your example!

The Worthiness Quotient

A Step-by-Step Guide to Claim YOUR Crown & Lead a Life You Love!

6-Week Digital Program

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What are you telling yourself you deserve?

Society tells us that to create a life we love, we must work ourselves to death.

We have to make our spouses, kids, friends, parents, bosses, co-workers, and even the stranger on the street happy, and THEN we can receive the things we want. In other words, we must “perform” and "prove our worth" to receive acceptance, love and life's rewards.

Trouble is, we learn early on to internalize these false notions and rules. And, before you know it, WE FEEL BURIED IN LACK, which can lead to all kinds of problems that just seem to “happen to us.” 

I'm guessing, since you're here, you know what I'm talking about. Do any of these things resonate with you?

  • You don’t feel seen, heard or valued.
  • You live on a hamster wheel of stress and struggle, and feel out of balance.
  • You feel your needs aren't being met.
  • You feel buried in emotional chaos and often have knee-jerk reactions.
  • You judge your body, and possibly deal with chronic health issues.
  • You can’t seem to break through your glass ceilings at work, and it often feels like drudgery.
  • You hide your light, holding yourself back from being who you really are because you’re concerned about what everyone will think.
  • You feel as if something is missing in your life but don’t know what that “something” is.

And one of the biggest blocks:

Money issues always seem to get in the way of living the life you want.


Would you like to feel more peace, balance, prosperity and joy?

What about more passion and purpose?

Or feel connected in a way that you KNOW you are enough, so you don’t have to work so hard?

Would you like to have deeper intimate relationships?

Better health? And a career that you love?

Does the idea of being an inspiration and positive influence to others sound good?

And, finally, would you like to TRUST at your core that you are loved and supported by God and the Universe so you open up to receive daily guidance?

In order to break free from where you are, the first step is to stop the performance and raise your Worthiness Quotient!

What is your Worthiness Quotient?

Your Worthiness Quotient is HOW OPEN YOU ARE TO RECEIVING unlimited love, guidance, nurturing, and support from God and the Universe.

Most of us would like to believe we’re open to receive, but we’re not. To be open, you must have a high Worthiness Quotient.

Your Worthiness Quotient is based in the vibration you emit. Science now tells us that our beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious, create thoughts and feelings that emit a vibration. And that whatever vibration you send out is what will be mirrored back to you from people and situations in your daily life. So, to open up and receive God's unlimited abundance and lead a life you love, you want to have a high Worthiness Quotient.

How high or how low your Worthiness Quotient sits DEPENDS ON HOW MUCH unconditional love, acceptance and nurturing YOU GIVE TO YOURSELF. The more you love yourself, the more love you’ll receive in return. Think of it this way. . .

Unconditional Love = Abundance

For many of us, we were raised to believe that loving and nurturing ourselves is wrong and selfish. And that we must “get it right, do it right, or be the best" before we receive abundance and love in return. In other words, we must be really, really good to receive life's rewards.

So, what do we do? 

We treat ourselves as if we don’t matter. We suppress our thoughts, feelings, passions and desires, believing these are the "loving" and "right things" to do.

But. . . this isn't love. It's punishment.

When you treat yourself this way, you separate from who you are and the way you were created.

As you deny your truth, you disconnect from God. And in this disconnection, you feel alone and unloved.

Your "disconnect" keeps you at a low Worthiness Quotient. So, you work that much harder. Your actions shout out loud and clear, “Something is wrong with me. I am not enough and I don’t deserve love!”

Energetically, as you feel this way, you hold a vibration of guilt and/or shame, which are the two lowest energies. 

And because The Law of Vibration says energy attracts like energy, this is what you’ll get in return, more and more of life that feels like punishment!

You will stay on a hamster wheel of trying to get it right to prove your worth because that’s the message you’re sending to the Universe!



Maybe you’re thinking right now, “But I have been trying to treat myself better. And, yet, life still feels hard.” 

There is a reason for this. 

You’re still out of alignment. Your vibration isn’t at the level of what you want to create. You have hidden beliefs that are keeping you at a low vibration. YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND IS BATTLING YOUR SOUL AND YOU PROBABLY DON'T EVEN KNOW IT. In other words. . .

Your Worthiness Quotient is lower than you think!

Your Worthiness Quotient is how open you are to receiving love, nurturing, and support... 


That means no more performing or trying to get it right. 

That means letting your light shine, giving yourself a voice, releasing all guilt and shame, and following your gifts and passions to create a life you absolutely love.

That means listening to your soul and aligning with God.

As you stop the performance and CLAIM YOUR CROWN by honoring and loving the way you were created, you shift into unconditional love. You put God first.

Loving yourself unconditionally aligns you with God.

THIS is putting God first.

And in this high vibration, you open up to receive a life you love. A life of peace, balance, passion, prosperity, purpose, and a whole lot more fun.




With every step you take into unconditional love...

  • You will feel seen, heard and valued more than ever before
  • You will feel "enough," and KNOW at your core that you matter.
  • You'll clear out uncertainty and doubt.
  • You'll open up your intuition and tap into higher wisdom so you feel guided and supported.
  • You'll step into a Divine flow of miracles and abundance because you're emitting a vibration that says "I am worthy of this kind of love."

No longer will you feel the need to "win" at life, because you'll KNOW that you are worthy of your heart's desires. 

Raising your Worthiness Quotient ENDS inner and outer lack. It aligns you with God and gets you off of the hamster wheel of emotional chaos, stress and struggle because you finally TRUST that you are guided, loved, nurtured and supported, simply for being you.

You thrive instead of survive.

Everything in your life shifts for the better. . .your relationships, career, money and even your health.

You feel vibrant and alive. You feel more connected to God and the world around you than ever before. You feel fulfilled and have a new sense of purpose. You lead your life with love. 

The beautiful thing about loving yourself unconditionally is that you become the change you want to see in the world. As you thrive, you show your family, friends and co-workers how to live abundant lives.



This course was the absolute best course I have been a part of! Terri is so spiritually intelligent and she communicates with such love and compassion for her students. I felt like she was my personal divine mother telling me and leading me to all the truths that were so misunderstood and even twisted in my past. So much stuck energy has been lifted. I feel and know that I am a channel for love and my path to coach and mentor others to their JOY and passions was and is so clear NOW!! Thank you Terri for all your light and love. Your work and this course is a life changer!

 ~ Pamela Vatrano

What would your life look like if you raised your Worthiness Quotient?

Hi, I’m Terri Britt!

My aim is to help women like you connect to themselves and their higher power so they feel nurtured (seen, heard, valued, loved, and supported) in every area of their life, and inspire others as a result.

I’ve been studying energy and unconditional love for more than 20 years, and what I know for sure is that it is the core foundation for you to RECEIVE EVERYTHING you want in your life.

I had to learn this the hard way. I was raised to be a good girl and lived by a belief that said I had to “perform" and "prove my worth” to WIN love, success, and happiness. 

I lived on a hamster wheel believing THIS is how I would receive life's rewards. But I didn't feel happy, fulfilled or loved. And often found myself lashing out at the world as a result. I was soooo stressed out! I even tried to beat up my boyfriend just months prior to winning Miss USA 1982. My life was an emotional mess. In fact, the night I won, I almost gave the crown back due to guilt. I had a belief that said I would cause my boyfriend to suffer and that I would lose his love if I allowed myself to shine and accepted this incredible honor. Thankfully, I was talked into keeping the crown. But I couldn't truly claim it. Instead, I got right back on that hamster wheel of trying to prove my worth in my career, relationships, and eventually with my husband and kids. 

It was when I decided to break the good girl rules and end the old family paradigm of self-denial, guilt and shame, and committed to loving myself unconditionally that I finally CLAIMED MY CROWN and shifted my life dramatically.

By loving myself, I OPENED UP TO RECEIVE a life I love! I created a deep connection to God. I tapped into intuitive guidance and stepped into a Divine flow. Miracle after miracle showed up. Abundance flooded into my life. Emotional chaos fell away, and peace, joy and love became the norm.

Loving myself changed my relationships with myself, my family, friends, career, and even my health. ALL for the better!

Then I noticed something profound. Not only did my relationships shift with others, but their relationships with themselves began to transform, too. I became a Woman Leader of Love by raising my Worthiness Quotient to abundance and set an example for others to love themselves, too. Woohoo!

Raising my Worthiness Quotient is the greatest gift I’ve given to myself, to my family, friends and the world around me. Loving myself IS my greatest act of service. It's your greatest act of service, too, when you raise your Worthiness Quotient!

If you are ready to transition to a life full of miracles and abundance, AND step into your greatest act of service, I invite you to join me for a 6-week course to raise your Worthiness Quotient! 

In it, I will teach you the tools that I used to shift my life from stress and struggle to a life that is now filled with so much joy that it often brings me to tears.

Join me, Terri Britt, Spiritual Coach, Energetic Healer, and former Miss USA, for this 6-week digital series to feel connected on a deep inner level to the Divine and raise your Worthiness Quotient to inner and outer abundance.

This program is filled with the wisdom and tools I've gleaned over the past 20+ years to help you CLAIM YOUR CROWN, ALIGN WITH GOD AND LEAD FROM YOUR HEART, SO THAT YOU OPEN UP TO RECEIVE the life you’ve always wanted for yourself. . .or maybe even something better!

Each session combines energetic healing, meditation, and coaching. All throughout the series, you will clear out the crap and the hidden beliefs that keep you stuck. You’ll tap into your gifts and passions, giving yourself a big energetic YES! to follow your heart and create a life you love.

This 6-week program is jam-packed.

But gentle and easy to learn!

Using the tools that I'll teach in this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Raise your vibration instantly
  • Tap into the Divine inside of you
  • Tap into your intuition and higher wisdom
  • Look at others’ energy so you can see what they really need rather than what you “think” you have to do to be loving
  • Get direct messages from God and the angels
  • Shift from negative mind chatter to a deeper sense of peace and trust
  • Break the old family paradigm of lack, pain and suffering
  • Release emotional angst, guilt and shame
  • Shift unhappy relationships
  • Deal with your money issues
  • Dive into your passions and gifts
  • Shift yourself energetically so you feel vibrant and alive
  • Become a master manifester of abundance and miracles in every area of your life!

When you join me for The Worthiness Quotient program, you will receive…

  • Six weekly 90+ minute sessions filled with information, meditations, and energetic healing to raise your Worthiness Quotient
  • Each 90 minute session is broken down into three sections for time and ease
  • A total of 18 audios/healing meditations
  • Journal prompts after each audio to take your healing deeper
  • A weekly PDF with overview of key points and homework

Plus these added bonuses!

  • Message Sent: Meditations for Retrieving the Gift of Love in MP3 downloadable format set to beautiful piano music and guided by me. These 5 meditations will help you stay grounded and raise your Worthiness Quotient to abundance.
  • Free membership to a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions and be supported as you raise your WQ.



This course was incredible. I am so grateful to have discovered this training. Terri is amazing as a coach, teacher, and healer. I was honored to participate and am telling all my friends how great these tools are for using every day! One of the best investments I have made in myself. Can't encourage you enough to do this for yourself. Sincerely changed the way I think!

~ Rene Koop

What you’ll be learning:

In The Worthiness Quotient 6-week series, you will gain the energetic tools that shifted my life life from stress and struggle, and raised my vibration to inner and outer abundance. These are the same tools I've taught to people from all walks of life including entrepreneurs, television executives, coaches, doctors, nurses, preachers, retirees, moms, dad, teens and even kids. You will be guided step-by-step into inner healing so YOU CAN BECOME A MASTER MANIFESTER IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE!

SESSION 1: Creative Power

Goal: Connect to the Divine inside and open up to receive!

Society tells us that to create a life we love, we must work ourselves to death. We have to “get it right,” “do it right,” and “be the best.” But as you tap into the Divine inside, you tap into your creative power. In this session, you’ll discover…

  1. 1
    Foundational tools to immediately clear out old stuck energy and set a higher vibration so that you begin to claim your crown and open up to receive unlimited abundance. These are daily tools that will help you be the calm in the storm, so you feel connected directly to your soul and God. You’ll even learn how to shift the energy of your home or work.
  2. 2
    How to tap into the Divine energy inside of you, so you no longer need to look for others to love you. You will immediately begin to feel loved, supported, and nurtured. Remember, this is the vibration that you want to hold so the universe will mirror this back to you.
  3. 3
    How to clear out the subconscious beliefs that shut down your voice so you can stop holding the guilt vibration when you ask for what you want.

SESSION 2: Intuition & Higher Wisdom

Goal: Take off the veil and tap into your intuition and higher wisdom so you receive the guidance you need to lead a life you love.

Your intuition and higher wisdom are your access to the guidance, love, and support you’ve always wanted. This session is key to opening up to receive! In it, you’ll learn…

  1. 1
    Tools and specific energetic clearings so that you take back the authority of your life and step into your knowingness. This shifts you from a constant state of emotional chaos to making decisions from higher wisdom and your unique divine plan.
  2. 2
    How to release the blocks that shut down your intuition.
  3. 3
    How to tap into the other side, whether it’s talking to the angels or God. And we’ll look at what scares you about this. As you let go of your fears, you will begin to truly feel connected, loved, and supported.

SESSION 3: Truth

Goal: Help you embrace ALL of you, gifts and all, so that you live at a high vibration and raise your Worthiness Quotient to inner abundance.

To raise your Worthiness Quotient to unconditional love, you must embrace your truth and stand in it. Your truth is your CROWN JEWEL. Your truth is the unique lovable you. It’s ALL of you! In this session…

  1. 1
    You’ll learn specific energetic tools to use daily to embrace who you were created to be, quirks and all. That means no longer needing to be anything but you. Woo hoo!
  2. 2
    You’ll learn the most powerful tool that I use to find the gift in the daily crap. This tool changed my life and is what I wrote about in my first book, Message Sent.
  3. 3
    You’ll discover your unique gifts. You’ll dive deep into an energetic play box to uncover what your gifts are and clear out the belief that says you can’t play with them. THINK HOW MUCH MORE FUN LIFE WILL BE!

SESSION 4: Forgiveness

Goal: Move into forgiveness, so that you feel compassion and love for yourself, raising your Worthiness Quotient to receive a kinder, gentler way of living.

Guilt and shame keep you at a low vibration and shut you down to manifesting the life you want. Forgiveness raises your Worthiness Quotient to abundance. In this session…

  1. 1
    You’ll learn tools to stop punishing yourself. As you move into compassion, forgiveness, and love, you become joyful and playful. And you set the tone for the world to mirror this back to you. This is when life begins to get a lot easier.
  2. 2
    You’ll do some deep energetic clearing of past mistakes in this session, and you’ll even look intuitively at spiritual contracts to see the gift in the things you consider bad.
  3. 3
    You’ll discover one of my favorite tools of all time and one that will help you KNOW AT YOUR CORE that you deserve to be valued and adored.


Goal: Your passions are your soul guiding you, saying, “Come, follow me to the life of your dreams!” My mission in this session is to guide you there.

When you are on fire about life, you fuel the life of your dreams with a high Worthiness Quotient. Your passions are the way there. But you have to be willing to say “Yes!” to them. In this session…

  1. 1
    You’ll clean up the beliefs and lower vibrations that block your passions and stop you from living full-out. This includes your sexual guilt and shame.
  2. 2
    You’ll dive deep within to discover what your passions are.
  3. 3
    You’ll release hidden beliefs that block you from receiving physical pleasure, including money, which shut you down from following your passions.

SESSION 6: Manifestation

Goal: Harness the power to manifest as a Leader of Love.

You are a master manifester already. We humans can’t help but create. But it depends on the vibration you hold whether life is a struggle or a fabulous adventure. The mission of Session 6 is to give you the tools to manifest with grace and ease and step into your deepest calling as a Leader of Love. In this final session…

  1. 1
    You’ll clear out the beliefs that say you are not capable of creating what you want.
  2. 2
    You’ll be taken step-by-step to harness your ability to create and become a manifesting master.
  3. 3
    You’ll look intuitively to see the gift you bring to others as you follow your passions and become a Leader of Love.

To recap, this is what you gain in 
The Worthiness Quotient program:

  • Six weekly 90+ minute sessions filled with information, meditations, and energetic healing to raise your Worthiness Quotient
  • Each 90 minute session is broken down into three sections for time and ease
  • A total of 18 audios/healing meditations.
  • Journal prompts after each audio to take your healing deeper
  • A weekly PDF with overview of key points and homework

Plus, these bonuses:

  • Message Sent: Meditations for Retrieving the Gift of Love in MP3 downloadable format set to beautiful piano music and guided by me. These 5 meditations will help you stay grounded and raise your Worthiness Quotient to abundance.
  • Free membership to a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions and be supported as you raise your WQ.



Are you ready to feel supported, seen, heard, loved, and valued like never before? 

Are you ready to feel more connected, have deeper relationships, experience more peace, passion, prosperity, balance and joy,
AND feel worthy of everything your soul desires?

It's time for a kinder, gentler way of living!


As you commit to unconditional love and RAISE your Worthiness Quotient to abundance, you CLAIM YOUR CROWN and OPEN UP TO RECEIVE love, nurturing, and support in every area of your life.


And the more you receive, the more you have to give.

Your life becomes a messenger of love.



Isn’t it time?

Make THIS the year you change your life for the better.



Terri has the ability to reach in and dig down to those hard to look at places in life and spread beautiful light there. Her openness and honesty about her life experiences made me feel comfortable and at ease to share some tough things in my own life. The Divine Level calls are a wonderful community of people that I have really enjoyed getting to know. Best part is even if I can’t be on the call live, I can listen to the replays.

~ Lori Kingery

Terri brings such a grounded but yet playful energy to her classes. She comes from a place of authenticity, which really makes us all feel like her friend. I feel she gives her all in creating a beautiful safe haven with full support while she is showing us how to explore our own inner world, getting in touch with our individual uniqueness and gifts. She has a way of making us all feel special for our uniqueness. Thank you Terri!

~ Edie Perkins

I've always believed that in life, things happen for a reason. I've also held the belief that people come into your life just exactly when they are supposed to. Terri Britt came into my life at that perfect time! My journey in this life needed a bit of clarity and direction. I knew I had the power inside of me to clear out the things that had me bogged down and open myself up to my gifts and passions. By opening myself up to unconditional love and understanding that I have the power to create whatever I want in life, I have grown immensely. I am now aware of the abundance life has to offer and by raising my Worthiness Quotient, I now have a direction and means in which to achieve my desires. Terri's class creates an incredibly warm, loving, trusting, open and supportive environment. I loved every moment of this class. The friends I met through this experience will now always be a part of my life. Thank you, Terri, for giving me my “fanny pack of tools” that will always be with me when I need them. I will now use them wisely to continue on my path.

~ Jerry Powell


Former Miss USA, Terri Britt, is a Spiritual Coach, Energetic Healer, Speaker, and Change Agent for women and their families. She is the founder of Women Leaders of Love global community, and has coached people from all walks of life, including television executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, preachers, parents, teens and kids.

Terri is the author of several books including The Enlightened Mom: A Mother’s Guide for Bringing Peace, Love & Light to Your Family’s Life, winner of the Best Spiritual Book of the Year at both New York and San Francisco Book Festivals, as well as her journal of awakening called, Message Sent, and her latest e-book, Women Leaders of Love: How to End the #1 Massive Mistake Women Make & Unleash Your Greatest Act of Service. 

Terri’s been seen and heard on hundreds of radio and television shows including Today, Fox, NBC NY, and Good Day Atlanta. She is the former news anchor for Movietime, now known as the E! Channel. Terri is a wife, mom, stepmom, and nana. For over two decades, she has been guiding people to stop trying to “get it right” to “win” at life, and to raise their Worthiness Quotients to inner and outer abundance to become Leaders of Love. 


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