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Dear Mom,

Welcome to The Enlightened Mom.com, a global healing community for moms.  I’m so glad you’re here!

I often hear people ask, “What is an Enlightened Mom?”

An Enlightened Mom is a mom who has the courage to look within, releasing her limiting beliefs of what a good mother “should be,” opening up to the wisdom of her heart.  An Enlightened Mom honors and loves the way she was created.  She lives life with passion, purpose, joy and love. Her life is filled with abundance.

Mom, the greatest gift you can give your family is to walk the path of The Enlightened Mom.  So often we mommas deny ourselves to take care of our families, believing this is the loving thing to do.  It’s not.  When you deny yourself and disconnect from your heart, you feel tired, frustrated, resentful, rundown, angry, sad or depressed.  And as a result, you often take out your pain on your family.  But as you walk the path of The Enlightened Mom and stand in your truth, you stop the cycle of pain and suffering. By honoring and loving the way you were created, you align your heart with God.  Your life becomes a peaceful flow filled with miracles and abundance. Where there was once pain, now there is love. THIS is the greatest gift you can give your family. As you heal and create the life you crave, you set the tone for your family to do the same!

The Enlightened Mom.com is here to provide tools and support as you walk the path of The Enlightened Mom.  My mission is to bring moms together from across the globe to celebrate one another and take a stand for healing our world.  When mom heals, the family heals…the world heals.

I hope you’ll join us!