What Others Are Saying About Terri Britt...

This was the absolute best program I have been a part of! Terri is so spiritually intelligent and she communicates with such love and compassion for her students. I felt like she was my personal divine mother telling me and leading me to all the truths that were so misunderstood and even twisted in my past. So much stuck energy has been lifted. I feel and know that I am a channel for love and my path to coach and mentor others to their JOY and passions was and is so clear NOW!! Thank you Terri for all your light and love. Your work and this course is a life changer!”

~ Pamela Vatrano

“I have suffered from anxiety for a good portion of my life. My anxiety became unmanageable when I had my first child. Looking for ways to control this disorder I tried counseling, medication and numerous self-help books. Nothing seemed to work, until I attended Terri’s program. She gave us real tools to heal our lives. My anxiety is almost nonexistent now. I know I have received a gift from God, through Terri, that has made me a better and more loving mother, wife and friend. I thank Spirit for guiding me to Terri.  Our meeting was truly Divine!”

~ Lauren Romano

This program was incredible. I am so grateful to have discovered this training. Terri is amazing as a coach, teacher, and healer. I was honored to participate and am telling all my friends how great these tools are for using every day! One of the best investments I have made in myself. Can’t encourage you enough to do this for yourself. Sincerely changed the way I think!

~ Rene Koop

Terri brings such a grounded but yet playful energy to her classes. She comes from a place of authenticity, which really makes us all feel like her friend. I feel she gives her all in creating a beautiful safe haven with full support while she is showing us how to explore our own inner world, getting in touch with our individual uniqueness and gifts. She has a way of making us all feel special for our uniqueness. Thank you Terri!

~ Edie Perkins

“I’ve always believed that in life, things happen for a reason. I’ve also held the belief that people come into your life just exactly when they are supposed to. Terri Britt came into my life at that perfect time! My journey in this life needed a bit of clarity and direction. I knew I had the power inside of me to clear out the things that had me bogged down and open myself up to my gifts and passions. By opening myself up to unconditional love and understanding that I have the power to create whatever I want in life, I have grown immensely. I am now aware of the abundance life has to offer and by raising my Worthiness Quotient, I now have a direction and means in which to achieve my desires. Terri’s class creates an incredibly warm, loving, trusting, open and supportive environment. I loved every moment of this class. The friends I met through this experience will now always be a part of my life. Thank you, Terri, for giving me my “fanny pack of tools” that will always be with me when I need them. I will now use them wisely to continue on my path.”

~ Jerry Powell

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