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Mom, you set the tone for your family. If you want them to live lives of abundance, be an example of abundance. If you want your family to have lives of happiness, be an example of happiness.  If you want them to enjoy lives of peace, love and fulfillment, be an example of these things.

It’s not what we do for our families,
but how we live our lives that impacts them the most.

Most mommas don’t live by this truth.  Instead, we deny ourselves, believing this is the loving thing to do.  But when you deny yourself, you disconnect from your heart.  This is what causes your pain and suffering. You become angry, resentful, overwhelmed, sad or depressed. And the next thing you know, you’re handing your pain over to your spouse and kids.

If you’re ready to stop the cycle of pain and suffering, you must shift your mindset. That means you have to stop denying yourself and get to know who you are. And as you honor and love the way you were created, you become a more joyous and loving mom.

In The Enlightened Mom, Terri Britt shows you how to create the life you crave.  She takes you on a step-by-step journey, using examples from her clients’ lives, as well as her own, and teaches you tools to:

– Release your limiting beliefs that tell you how you “should be” as a mom.

– Connect you to your heart so you may hear God’s messages that guide you.

– Help you stop feeling tired and overwhelmed.

– End knee-jerk reactions.

– Release pain, anger, guilt, judgment and negativity from your life.

– Tap into the gifts that reside in you.

– Create a life of passion, purpose and love!

Mom, as you heal your life, your family heals. You become a light for everyone. The greatest gift you can give your family is to walk the path of The Enlightened Mom!

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