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I’m so glad you grabbed, Spice It Up with Your Spouse! 5 Simple Steps for Creating Lasting, Passionate & Intimate Love…In Spite of Having Kids Around. The information and tools I share in this eBook are the ones I used to create the most incredibly passionate and dynamic relationship with my late husband, Steve, as well as with my hubby, Charlie. I truly believe they’ll help you create this kind of relationship, too.

I invite you to read through this eBook and take each step in. Have your partner do the same. Set an intention of how you two want to walk through this together. And then discuss what you’re learning with each other.

If, for some reason, your partner isn’t on board, that’s OK. The key to transforming your relationship is to first begin with yourself. I’ve seen many times where one person made the shifts I suggest, and then before you knew it, the partner was on board. That’s what happened in my marriage with my late husband so I know it works!

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Sending you lots of love and hugs as you walk this magical journey together!



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