Do You See the Signs?

Do you see the signs? We are in an awakening. Signs are everywhere. The recent horrific events in Orlando, as well as the stalemates in Congress, are signs telling us it’s time to go within and heal. We are being called to give birth to Christ within us. This isn’t about religion, but rather it’s about doing the healing work individually so that we might bring peace, love and joy into our hearts. It is only by healing the separateness within ourselves will our world stop mirroring pain and suffering back to us. I’m going to explain what I mean by mirroring and then I’ll share the messages of each individual sign in Orlando, as well as with our Congress, and what I believe they are telling us.

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The world is a mirror. That’s because everything is energy and energy has a vibration. And because science tells us that energy attracts like energy, every situation and relationship in your life has a vibration and is a mirror to the vibration you hold. This is the Law of Vibration. When difficult things show up in your life, they are telling you to wake up and pay attention. You’re being guided to go within to your subconscious mind and clean up the belief that is creating your low vibration.

Here are a few examples of how the Law of Vibration works in your daily life. If your spouse is running around on you, you’re being called to go within and heal. Your spouse’s actions sit at a low vibration and are matching a belief in your subconscious mind that most likely says you don’t deserve to be loved. It’s time to clean up that belief so you raise your vibration and create a loving dynamic relationship.

If your kid is disrespectful to you, chances are you have a subconscious belief that says you don’t deserve respect. To gain respect, you must go within and release this false belief. As you do, your kid will mirror a higher vibration back to you.

If you keep getting passed up on a promotion, you’re holding onto a hidden belief that says you aren’t good enough or that you don’t deserve abundance. This attitude keeps you at a low vibration. To get the promotion you want, you must do the inner healing work to clean up the beliefs that keep you stuck.

I could go on and on here with different examples and with varying beliefs that could be causing each of these difficult situations. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to the things in your life that hold a low vibration. They are signs telling you to wake up and heal.

This is how the Law of Vibration works in your daily life. It works the same way with the mass consciousness. That’s why I feel the recent horrific events in Orlando and now our Congress coming to a stalemate yesterday over gun legislation are telling us as a country to wake up and heal. Lets look at the signs of the recent events.

On, June 11th, in Orlando, singer and former The Voice contestant, Christina Grimmie, was shot at point blank by a deranged fan. News reports say the man who murdered her was a fan who had been grooming himself to one day marry her, but when he saw a picture of her with another man, he was enraged. That’s when he killed her and then turned the gun on himself. This man just wanted to be loved by Christina, but when he didn’t receive her love in return, he went out of control. This is what we do as humans. We look for love, peace and joy outside of ourselves and when we don’t get it, we get mad.

On June 12th, a day after Christina’s death, a man massacred 49 innocent people at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando. It was an act of terror and an act of hate. I feel this is a mirror to how we treat ourselves as well. When we judge something as wrong or bad within ourselves, we are our own personal terrorists. We have no compassion or forgiveness. It’s as if we die a slow death. And then we take out our pain on the people who mirror what we judge within ourselves.

June 14th, another sign emerged in Orlando. A little two-year-old boy was attacked and drowned by an alligator at a Disney World resort. He was wading at the edge of a lagoon when the alligator dragged him to his death. The little boy is a reminder that we all have an inner child that needs to be protected and loved. The signs in this terrible situation didn’t stop with the little boy.

I did a Google search on the spiritual symbology of lagoon and I wasn’t surprised to see say, “Spiritually speaking, a lagoon symbolizes the collective unconscious with strong references to the personal unconscious.” In another part of the description, it says, “The lagoon symbolizes your inner world of feelings, your imagination, and other inner resources that you must know how to tap into.” Lagoon reminds us to dive within and tap into our truths. Pay attention to your feelings. They are guiding you. The lagoon tells us that we ALL need to do this.

Alligator has a very interesting description. Ted Andrews writes in Animal Speak Pocket Guide that alligator sends the message to “Act on opportunities for new birth or new knowledge. Initiation is at hand with opportunity for rapid growth.” This is our call to action. It is time to clean up the judgments within ourselves and heal so that we might create change on the planet and in this country.

The stalemate in Congress Monday to create new gun laws after the Orlando massacre is another sign. We keep blaming Congress for not working together. Congress, too, is a mirror to us. Until we make a decision to heal our individual selves and clean up the subconscious beliefs that create pain and separation, I believe our government will continue to have stalemates. The vibration of their group consciousness is matching that of the mass consciousness.

The members of Congress are acting from ego. They can’t do what is best for our country and listen to one another with open ears because they are concerned about their own survival issues. If they vote wrong, they might lose votes. They are performing to win approval. This, too, is another mirror. We are all in survival. We live from ego instead of love and trust, performing, trying to win love. As long as we try to win and compete, we will stay in separation. As a mass consciousness, it is you against me, instead of the we. And it’s all because we’re in survival mode.

But here’s the gift. Congress and all of these horrific incidents in Orlando are calling us to wake up and heal. Just like the lagoon tells us, we each have inner resources to tap into. But we’re not paying attention. The way we pay attention is to look within and embrace ourselves, instead of terrorizing ourselves. We are being called to love our inner child and take quick action as the alligator implies. It is time for each of us to move out of ego and control, and shift into peace, joy and love. But the only way to do that is to begin loving ourselves first, giving birth to Christ within each of us. We must make a decision to heal. And only by making this choice as individuals will we shift the mass consciousness.

We are in an awakening. I truly believe this. I believe that it is only by healing ourselves and raising our energetic vibrations to peace, joy and love will the world shift its vibration and mirror this back to us.


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  1. Such a well thought out and true vision of what is happening. It made me look deeper into my vibrations. I have look at how they affect me and my world, but this was a reminder that it affects the world as a whole, starting with those around me. Thank you Terri for a much needed perspective.

    1. Jill, thank you as always for being here and sharing. I truly feel if we all paid attention to the signs and used them as opportunities to move deeper into healing and love that our world would heal. Much love! ~Terri

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