Message Sent – Book


Terri Britt shares inspiring stories from her own journal and the awakenings she experienced as she made the decision to follow her heart as a wife and mom.



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Terri’s journey began when she had just been named Miss USA 1982. Instead of the joy she expected to feel, there was only emptiness. She had lived her life trying to be everything people thought she should be and in the process she had lost herself. She continued this path of self-denial with her marriage and her family …until she discovered the gift of change.

Through deep introspection Terri learned that the love and approval you crave don’t come from your spouse, your kids, your parents or your friends; love comes when you find it within. Terri learned to retrieve the love within and now shares the gift of her discovery with the world. Message Sent takes you to your heart and inspires you to ask yourself:

Who am I and what do I believe?
Is the little child inside of me in pain?
What can I do to make this child feel loved and happy?
Do I seek other people’s approval?
Do I speak honestly and stand up for myself?
What am I afraid of?
Do I see life as a gift or am I a victim and live in blame?
Have I forgiven myself and accepted my uniqueness?
Do I feel a connection to God and listen for the messages?
Am I worthy of God’s love and miracles?
What is my gift?

By loving and honoring the unique you and by giving yourself permission to stand in your truth, you create a connection to God’s love inside of you. It is through this connection that you become an expression of love in all that you do, and an example of peace, joy and abundance for all those you love. Your life becomes one of service simply by being the real you!

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