Playing it Safe = Self Punishment

Playing It Safe = Self-Punishment. If you conform to your family’s likes and dislikes, or feel guilty when you break conformity, if you squash your light in any way, you are playing it safe and punishing yourself. You’re sabotaging your worthiness which is what causes your struggles in every area of your life. To raise your Worthiness Quotient, you must stop playing it safe. Here are some quick tips to help. And if you want to go really deep with this, come watch this week’s OYWW REPLAY by clicking here:



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The Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle: consists of the Women Leaders of Love ebook and three companion meditations. This powerful package will help you transform how you see yourself in the world, and will also help you shift from a survival mindset to a thriving one.

The Worthiness Quotient Quiz: Have you owned your worth in every area of your life? Take the quiz to find out now. You’ll receive a personalized report, plus tips and tools to help you raise your WQ.


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