The Phoenix Rising just in time for Easter! I’m so excited to share with you what I mean by this and what “got me” about Phoenix Rising and why I chose it as my logo. As I mentioned in my last blog, I loved the idea that this mythical Egyptian bird represented breaking through barriers and limits, as well as creative transformation. This is the perfect metaphor for breaking the good girl rules!

However, I still wanted to know more before I made a decision to use it as my logo. So I did a little research. 

I was blown away to learn that the Phoenix rising is all about resurrection, and, in fact, that in early Christianity, it was symbolic of the resurrection of Christ. Plus, it means “bird of light.”

When I discovered this information, I KNEW I had to use the Phoenix Rising as a symbol of my message. Here’s why…

I truly believe we are in a time where we are giving birth to Christ within us. We are breaking through our good girl rules so that we align ourselves with God. We are re-creating ourselves and our planet. We are moving into light and love.

I know it doesn’t seem that way as we watch the world around us. But, in my heart, I truly believe this time is the dark before the light. We are being called to be like the Phoenix and rise beyond our barriers and become the light so we can make a difference for our families, friends, communities and the world.

My hope this Easter weekend, no matter what your religious beliefs, is that you will make a decision to become the Phoenix and rise beyond your good girl rules, so that you resurrect your life and tap into the Christ Consciousness inside of you! This consciousness is a deep connection within, of belonging. It is light, love, compassion, kindness, peace, joy and miracles all wrapped up into one. It is what we all crave at our core. We’ve just forgotten it along the way as we struggle to live our daily lives.

Every one of us can look around and see the hamster wheel we are on. We’re all racing to get ahead, when all we really want is to experience love, to KNOW God. Some call it Source. Some call it the Universe. No matter what, it is love. But to experience this kind of love, we must be love first. That means breaking the good girl rules of “performing” for love and, instead, loving and honoring who we were created to be. And as we do, we give rise to the Phoenix and live as Christ did. That’s true love.

So, now, every time you look at my logo, I hope you’ll see a reflection of yourself. I hope you’ll feel the call to rise like the Phoenix. The world needs to experience the real you. Be love. Be YOU!

Thanks for allowing me to share my heart with you! And, as always, I want to hear from you. Please place your comments or questions below!

Until next time!