Letting My Babies Go…Again and Again

I’m waiting for movers right now.  My daughter Mackenzie is about to start her sophomore year of college and she’s taking some of our old furniture to set up her first apartment. Mackenzie is so excited about the upcoming year that she left a day early.  As she drove off yesterday, I found myself crying for the second year in a row.  Why does it have to be so hard?

Our babies are like attachments.  It’s as if they are an arm or a leg.  And then when they grow up and move off to college, it’s as if a part of us has been amputated.  Well, frankly, I’m sick of it!  So, I’ve decided to move in with Mackenzie.  Yep!  She doesn’t know it, but I’ve decided I’m going to commute back and forth between home and FSU.  It’s only a three hour drive.  I’ll spend part of my time hanging out with her, going to all the frat parties, partying to the wee hours of the morning, and then I’ll come back home and be a wife and mom.

Hmmmm. Maybe I need to re-think this.  I can’t seem to stay up later than 10 o’clock!

Well, after a minute of introspection, I’ve decided not to move in with Mackenzie.  Do you think she’ll be disappointed?  I just can’t imagine spending so much time partying and going to classes.

I guess I’ll just have to adjust and let my daughter go…again.

From the way I see it, this isn’t going to get any easier.  My baby, Kolbi, just left this morning for her first day as a senior in high school.  And my step-daughter, Haylee, leaves next week for her freshman year in college.  Too bad Charlie and I don’t hold stock in Kleenex!

So what is a mom to do?

Cherish the moments.

And that’s exactly what I do.  I am so grateful that I’ve been able to spend so much time with my kids over the years.  Yes, there were times that I wanted to run for the hills, but overall, my job as a mom has been the greatest blessing of my life.  So now, as I wait on the movers to let Mackenzie go again, I think about Kolbi.  I know I’ll be feeling the tears all over again this time next year.  As I made her lunch this morning, instead of thinking, “Ugh, not another lunch,” I found myself filling it with love, knowing this is the last year I will ever do this.

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