Let Go of the Controls and Let God Take Over

Let Go of the Controls and Let God Take Over! If you feel emotional chaos in your life and feel as if you’re not trusting God and the people around you to love you for being you, don’t miss this week’s Own Your Worth Wednesdays healing session in our Women Leaders of Love group. We did some powerful meditation, coaching and healing to help you build trust so that you open up to receive God’s love, nurturing and support. To watch the full OYWW REPLAY, go to www.facebook.com/groups/womenleadersoflove

I’ve created a powerful digital series called, “The Worthiness Quotient,” that will help you create a deep connection so that you KNOW that you are loved, supported and nurtured by God. As you’ll hear Dawn talk about in today’s broadcast, the WQ program is a game changer. You can check it out at www.terribritt.com/worthy
We meet every Wednesday at 2 pm Eastern time. There are two ways to join us: 1) Right here on Facebook. 2) On Zoom.
You can only watch the live sessions or replays on Facebook. Feel free to post any questions and I will respond after the broadcast.
To join us live on Zoom so you can ask questions and receive personal coaching and healing, check your inbox weekly for the Zoom link. If you don’t get these emails, simply grab one of the FREEBIES below and you’ll be added to the list:
The Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle: consists of my Women Leaders of Love ebook and three companion guided meditations. www.terribritt.com/leaders
The Worthiness Quotient Quiz:
see how open you are to receiving love, nurturing and support in 8 diferent areas of your life. You’ll receive a personalized report along with some simple steps to help you raise your WQ, so that you trust and know that you are loved. That means no more emotional chaos. Woohoo! Take the quiz at www.terribritt.com/quiz

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