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Session 2: Intuition & Higher Wisdom

Admin April 15, 2020
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Audio 1: Power Up & Stand in Your Knowingness

Audio 1 Exercise:

Conformity keeps you in lack and in performance mode, and shuts down your knowingness. In what ways do you still conform? What steps are you committed to take to shift out of conformity so that you stay in a high vibration and connect easier to your intuition and higher wisdom? Write about this.

Audio 2: Take Off the Veil

Audio 2 Exercise:

Spend some time reflecting about where you’re strongest when it comes to tapping into your intuition. Are you more claircognizant and have a knowingness about things? Do you “feel” messages and are clairsentient? Are you clairaudient and hear guidance this way? Or, are you like I am and see things as a clairvoyant? Allow any memories to pop up that might give you a clue and write about them. You can also talk to your inner child and see what he or she has to say about this.

Audio 3: Connect to the Other Side

Audio 3 Exercise:

I never realized back in my college days that I was being guided to move to Los Angeles by a Native American spirit guide. It wasn’t until I moved to Hollywood, bought that picture of a kind Indian man’s face, and then had Waichuka show up in my meditation that I finally realized he was the one who had been leading me to my destiny all along. Have you been guided as well and didn’t realize it? Take a moment to reflect on all the moments that you now know you were receiving messages. And, if you’re not sure, talk to your loving spirit guide for assistance. Write about what you discover.

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