Free Chapter and Meditation – OLD

Welcome Mom!

Congratulations for taking this first step to receiving more love than you ever thought possible – for you and your family!

Below, you will find your link to download your pdf copy of The Enlightened Mom Introduction and Chapter One, Open Up to Receive Love, in its entirety, AND the audio meditation that goes with Chapter One, Set an Intention.

Take a moment to print the pdf and download the audio. Then create some time and space just for you to read, listen and absorb the blessings contained here for you.

Welcome Mom. Welcome home to your heart!



 Click Here for the Introduction and Chapter One, Open Up to Receive Love


Click on the audio player below for your free meditation titled Set an Intention:

Click here to download…

If you enjoyed this sample chapter and meditation and would like to purchase the book and the full set of 25 Meditations to The Enlightened Mom, please click below:


$67 for The Enlightened Mom Book and CDs plus MP3 audio downloads:

$57 for The Enlightened Mom Book and MP3 audio downloads only:


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