One-Hour Intuitive Energetic Healing • $350

“Terri, it was so amazing to connect yesterday. I am experiencing the ripples of it and will be for time to come. Thank you for sharing your deep and abiding gift of vision and healing with me.” ~ Victoria O.




Where do you need an energetic shift? Is it with work, money, relationships or your health? Or maybe you’re not sure. Often, we simply feel stuck, sad, frustrated, angry or depressed and we really don’t know why. Well, I can help with an intuitive energetic healing session.

Every private one-hour healing is different because I cater your session to you. But to give you a good overview, we begin by connecting via phone or Zoom. We chat for a few moments so you can share what you’d like to shift. I call in my guides and intuitively scan your energy to find the blocks that have you stuck. I release those energetic blocks and then share with you any messages that I receive from my guides or yours. And, of course, you can ask as many questions as you like. Finally, I give you action steps to help integrate the information or to help you open up to receive more abundance into your life. As you can read from the testimonial above, people love these healings. Think of it as the ultimate nurturing experience! If you’re ready to be nurtured energetically AND receive some fabulous guidance, don’t miss this wonderful healing opportunity. Once you grab your session with the button below, you will be sent an email confirmation. In it, you will see a link to my online scheduler. Click on that link to pick a date and time that works for you. It’s that easy! I can’t wait to connect with you!


If you would prefer more intense support from me and want to know more about discounted package deals, please send an email to my assistant Jen at