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ARE YOU RACING THROUGH LIFE? IF SO, WHY? WHAT DO YOU NEED TO FORGIVE IN YOURSELF? We dove into deep healing and meditation in this week’s Women Leaders of Love “Own Your Worth Wednesdays” to help you stop this madness.

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Life can be a FABULOUS ADVENTURE, if you ALLOW IT!

Life can be a FABULOUS ADVENTURE, if you ALLOW IT! But so many of us either hide or sit on a cosmic fence post, never allowing ourselves to truly surrender and take the ride of our lives. Where do you sit? Are you in resistance? Or are you living full out?


That’s what we talked about in this week’s session of Women Leaders of Love “Own Your Worth Wednesdays.” Plus, we did some deep healing work to shift our mindset.
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It’s Time to Get Playful!

IT’S TIME TO GET PLAYFUL! That’s what we discussed in this week’s LIVE Women Leaders of Love Own Your Worth Wednesdays session. Our focus was on how to have more fun, put yourself into a receptive state to get guidance, and take inspired action to create more balance in your life.

We had some great questions from some of the participants. I know you’ll enjoy them and the meditation.

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