Choose to be Chosen on this International Women’s Day!




It is time we choose ourselves so our outer world will mirror this back to us. Several women shared how they chose themselves and the steps they took in this week’s Women Leaders of Love “Own Your Worth Wednesdays” healing session. One in particular landed a dream job! If you want to break the generational cycle of lack for yourself and your family, you don’t want to miss this week’s broadcast. It was filled with meditations, healings, coaching and celebration. Click here to watch full replay: (ask to join if you’re not a member)
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The Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle: includes my ebook and three companion guided meditations to help you get grounded in your purpose as a Woman Leader of Love:
The Worthiness Quotient Quiz: Your WQ determines what shows up in your life. It tells you if you’re open to receive the things you want or if you’re shutting them out. Take the quiz and get a detailed personal report at
The Worthiness Quotient Masterclass: It’s time to claim your crown and lead a life you love! Find out how in this powerful masterclass and some simple steps to help you OPEN UP to RECEIVE a life that you love.
Grounding in God’s Light guided meditation:
If you are ready to choose to be chosen and want to truly manifest a life that you love, I invite you to check out my life-changing series, “The Worthiness Quotient: Claim Your Crown…Lead a Life that You Love!” In it, I share all the tools we discuss in these weekly healing sessions, and take you step-by-step via 18 meditations, journal prompts and pdfs, so that you move into alignment and co-create with God. You can check it out here:

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