5 Steps to Get Unstuck

Are you feeling stuck? I was today as I tried to write this blog. I knew I wanted to write but felt completely blocked. My normal pattern is to sit down, meditate, write a letter to God and ask for guidance. I’m usually fairly methodical and take steps to ensure I’m in a high vibration to receive guidance. But today I didn’t do that. I had been out running errands and, instead of taking time to nurture myself into a receptive space, I came in and plopped down at my computer.

I tried over and over again to get a clear message, but no matter how many times I tried, I struggled. It felt hard. Nothing was flowing. So finally, I stepped away from my computer and sat down in a comfy chair to meditate and ask for help.

I first gave thanks for the message that was about to be revealed. I had no idea what the message was, but trusted that as long as I asked, help would show up. That’s when I was told to take a walk. I didn’t hear a booming voice. I never do. Instead, it was a message that came through my pen when I wrote with my less-dominant hand. Because I’ve seen over and over again how writing with my “other” hand is my intuition talking to me, I KNEW I needed to listen.

I was thrilled with this guidance. I was certain that taking a walk meant to head outside. I couldn’t wait. And then it started to rain! “What????” I thought to myself. “I must have really gotten that message wrong!”

I almost went back to my desk to trudge through my blog. Thankfully, I felt a nudge to take a walk around my house. As soon as I got to my living room, I stopped.

My antennae went up. That’s when my whole body knew I was being guided on a magical adventure to receive a message if I would simply pay attention and listen!

I breathed a sigh of relief and sank deeper into trust.

I felt another nudge to pick up a book that sat next to my couch. I asked, “What page do I turn to?” I got a number and read the message on that page. But only one thing popped out at me: resistance.

My first thought was, “Okay. I can write about resistance.”

I continued to stroll around my home and then out on my covered back porch to get my body moving and my oxygen flowing. I allowed thoughts about the topic of resistance to flow in and out. Within a matter of minutes, one thought stopped me in my tracks. I heard, “This is not just for your readers, Terri. This is for you, too. You’ve been in resistance with your blog today. You’ve felt stuck because you didn’t allow God to flow through you.”

Oh my goodness! As soon as I heard that message I knew it was the truth. I had been completely stuck in my head at my computer until I allowed myself to get up and take a walk. And in a state of surrender, I opened up to receive my blog and some guidance for you. Woo hoo! And it only took a few minutes to get clear once I made a decision to open up to receive help by nurturing myself into a higher vibration.

To move into a Divine flow, you have to think about the vibration you’re holding.

Resistance is a low vibration. Your goal is to get into a high vibration so you can open up to receive the answers you need.

Where are you stuck in your life? I’m sure you’ve heard that old saying “What you resist persists.” Are you having a hard time getting clear? Want to let go and move into a Divine flow so you open up to receive help?

Here are five simple steps to get unstuck…

  1. Step away and find a place to nurture yourself. When you realize that you’re stuck, get up! I had to move away from my computer and settle into my big comfy chair. By making a decision to nurture myself, I immediately shifted into a higher vibration.
  1. Give thanks. Gratitude takes you into a high vibration. As you give thanks for recognizing that you’ve been in resistance and KNOW that you’re being invited into a Divine flow, you will open up to receive the message you need with a lot more ease.
  1. Create a connection. I sat down with my journal. Journaling is my safe haven. I write to God every day and create that connection. So when I’m in resistance, I trust that this will help. Sometimes it just takes a little while for me to remember this when I’m in resistance! Do what works for you. The key is that as you create a connection, you are holding a vibration that says, “YES! I am worthy of receiving guidance!”
  1. Change your attitude. When you grasp at things trying to get answers, you move into resistance again. It’s as if you’re sending an energetic message to the Universe that says, “I don’t want the answer! I want to struggle some more!” Try this instead: change your attitude. Think of what’s happening as a grand adventure. See it as play. Play is a very high vibration.
  1. Pay attention. Listen to your body and feel the nudges. Follow them like I did when I walked around the house and then picked up the book. Or if you’re talking to a friend, listen between the lines. You can even do this with the radio or television. If you feel a nudge to turn on one of these, ask for a channel to turn to. Then pay attention to what is happening. Whatever your attention is being drawn to is your guidance. It may be a verse of a song that stands out to you. Or, you might see the name of a show in the television menu that hits home. You’ll know if you listen to your body’s reactions. If you don’t quite understand the message, stop, check in with yourself to see if you’re present and pay attention to your feelings again.

Practicing these five steps daily in everything you do will make life so much easier! Thankfully, I only sat at my desk for about an hour today trying to write this blog before I finally knew I needed to step away. In the past, I might have struggled for days and kept myself at a low vibration. I am so thankful I followed the nudges of my heart today. I found myself on a magical adventure of little messages that guided me to help you. It was like a treasure hunt!

Resisting is what we do as humans. We resist guidance because we get stuck in our heads. But when you take a moment to surrender and breathe, and allow God to take over by listening to the nudges within, you shift your vibration into a Divine flow and open up to receive the answers you need.

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  1. Thanks Terri,

    Time and time again what you say and do just makes sense and works. It seems so easy so why don’t I always do it and follow these paths you lay out? Guess I just need to keep trying and working. But today and once again I thank you!

    1. Hey, Mary!

      I think it’s called being human. Lol! I stay committed as much as possible because I know how wonderful it feels when I do. I guess you could say I’m addicted to love!

  2. Thanks for this insightful piece, Terri. I find it hard to “listen to the nudges” because, when I was younger, I felt like a slave to my overactive conscience (due to a strict Christian upbringing and my sensitive nature). I felt “God” was always telling me to do things (e.g. pray and read the Bible for many hours, witness to people and deny myself of any pleasure or joy) such that my life became a terrible burden for many years. I believed this was God speaking to me, but I became burned out and very depressed. As a result, I find it very hard to trust God, pray or even read the Bible because I am so scared about what I will be “guided” to do. Even words like “love” or “gratitude” carry with them heavy chains for me. Can you advise me on how to get passed this so that I can receive abundance without fear of the strings (or chains!) attached?

    1. Sandra, you are speaking for many, many people. I understand your pain, as I had the same thing happen to me. I remember as a young teen seeing an angry sky and wondering if I was going to hell that day. I lived my life in fear of an angry God. Trying to please God is what drove me into the ground and made me an angry mess. Then I tried to do the same thing to my kids. Something inside of me said “trying to prove my worthiness” is not the path of love. I finally said I can’t do this anymore. I set an intention to be “unconditional love.” As soon as I did, my world opened up. I began to go deep within to look at all of my beliefs, not just my religious ones. I allowed my feelings to be my guide. If I felt negative, fearful, judgmental, angry, you name it, I took that as a message that I wasn’t living my truth. Your truth is the way you were created. When you are aligned with your truth, you are aligned with God. You feel happy, peaceful and joyful. If you feel negativity, that’s your red flag telling you to go within and heal, letting go of the old beliefs that shut you down, and then to give yourself permission to love yourself unconditionally by honoring and loving the way you were created. To me, when I honor who I am, I am putting God first. It’s as if I am sending a message to the Universe that says, “Thank you for making me. I am not a mistake. I accept who I am and I am so grateful that I am here.” As I have lived by this belief, I have found so much peace and joy. I feel a deep connection to God within. I now KNOW this is love. I know that I am a part of God, which is the loving energy of the Universe. I don’t believe there is a God waiting to cast us to hell. I believe hell is here on earth. I feel very strongly about this. I believe hell is in our minds. It is our egos. I’ve had to clean up a lot of religious programming over the years to get to this point. As far as I’m concerned, anything that makes you feel fearful and living separate from God and the way you were created is not love. Remember this, the kingdom of God is within you. The way you tap into that kingdom is to stand in your truth and put God first. I hope that helps. I have a deep faith in God and the angels. I feel so much love for people. I used to feel separate from everything. It was all the old beliefs that created this pain. I encourage you to make healing your number one priority like I did. Set an intention to be unconditional love for yourself. And as you love and accept yourself, that love will spill over to others. Take tiny steps. As you begin to feel and see how connected to God you are, you will begin to KNOW that this is the path of love. I wish you had just been a part of my course called Your Walk of Love. I can’t tell you how many times religious programming came up for the women and all of the healing that happened as a result. I’ll be re-launching the program again in the next month or so. I think it would be great for you to join us. Sending you love and hugs! ~Terri

  3. Thanks so much, Terri. I am so grateful for your compassion and wisdom on this issue, and for the time you took in writing such a heart-felt reply to me. It would be such a relief to be able to simply love myself without guilt, fear or obligation – but loving myself is not easy or natural for me, so I will definitely start working on this using the guidance you have given me. I will also keep an eye out for your next launch of “Your Walk of Love” series. Thanks again Terri.

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