Trust and Receive

Trust and Receive. If you’re struggling with getting guidance and clarity in any area of your life such as money, career, relationships or health, this week’s Own Your Worth Wednesdays healing session will help! To watch the full OYWW REPLAY, go to


We meet every Wednesday at 2 pm EDT right here on Facebook and on Zoom. Facebook is strictly for watching and commenting. If you’d like to receive personal coaching from me like these ladies today, please join us on Zoom. We send out the Zoom link via email every Tuesday and Wednesday so watch your inbox! If you don’t receive the zoom link weekly and would like to have that option, simply grab one of the FREE GIFTS below and you’ll be added to the list.

FREE GIFTS The Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle: Includes the Women Leaders of Love ebook and three guided meditations to help you lead a life that you absolutely love and become the change you want to see for your family.

The Worthiness Quotient Masterclass: In this powerful webinar, you’ll learn why you don’t receive the love, nurturing and guidance that you deserve, as well as some tips and tools to help you stop this. Plus, you’ll receive a meditation to help you shift into Prosperity Consciousness. It’s a game changer!




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