A Heartfelt Letter to Mr. Trump


Dear Mr. Trump,

I am writing to ask that as you step into your role as President of these United States that you become a Leader of Love.

Our country needs unity, not division. With you as our leader, I ask that you make this your number one priority. That means standing for what is loving, compassionate and kind.

You heard the cries of so many who wanted to be heard. But please don’t forget those others who now worry if you’ll hear their concerns.

Please treat everyone as if they matter. That means minorities, women, the disabled and our LGBTQ community. Please treat Muslims as our brothers and sisters. We are all children of God and deserve to be seen, heard and valued.

Please take care of our environment. I know you don’t believe in global warming. But our environment needs a voice. The national parks need a voice. The animals need a voice. Please be a messenger of love, kindness and compassion so all of God’s creatures are heard.

Mr. Trump, I pray that you’ll check in with yourself daily. Before you make decisions, ask, “What would love do?”

You have the chance to truly make a difference in our world. As you embark on this journey, I ask that you make a solemn promise to yourself, and to us, that you will keep your heart open. Let others watch you and learn what it means to be a Leader of Love.

Praying for peace and unity…

Terri Britt

Founder, Women Leaders of Love

Former Miss USA 1982

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