Are You Lost in the Tribe?

We spend most of our lives trying to fit in, especially as children.  We just want to be accepted and know that we have friends.  So we conform in our need to survive.  We get lost in the tribe.

Are you lost in the tribe?

A good way to determine if you’re stuck in tribal consciousness is to check in with your feelings.  Are you angry, sad, or depressed?  Do you feel a sense of lack and resentment?  Do you question why you’re here, but have no idea?

You have the power to end this pain and suffering.  To create a life of joy, step out of the tribe and claim who you are!


What makes you special and unique?  Have you got a clue?  Who are you?  Here is a quick exercise to help you see the REAL you.Sit quietly with pen and paper in hand.

  1. Imagine opening up the crown of your head like a camera lens.
  2. Imagine bringing in the light of God and allow it to fill you up.
  3. Say, “I give myself PERMISSION to see who I really am.”
  4. Breathe.
  5. Now imagine the little five-year-old inside of you standing in front of you.  This child symbolizes your heart and how you were created.
  6. Give this little kid a hug and ask, “What is unique and special about you?”
  7. Write down at least three things.

If you have trouble with this, know that it’s because you’ve lost yourself along the way and the little kid inside of you doesn’t feel safe.  Just keep loving this child and pretty soon you’ll hear all kinds of answers.

Now take this exercise one step further.  Create a mantra for yourself.  For instance, if you heard that you are funny, kind and sensitive to others, then write this down, “I am funny, kind and sensitive to others.  No one is like me.  I am unique.”  Start saying this to yourself regularly.  Claim who you are!

When you find yourself experiencing those negative feelings again as I mentioned earlier, check in with yourself.  Are you conforming?  Are you trying to fit in so you’ll feel loved?  If the answer is yes, say your mantra to yourself.  It will bring you back to center.

Celebrate who you are.  I invite you to do this exercise and share with us below what you discovered.  We want to celebrate you, too!  It is time to step out of the tribe and be the real you!

What did you discover after doing this exercise? Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments below.


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