Are You Afraid of Dying and the Other Side?

I just got off of the phone with my daughter, Kolbi. She was anxiously awaiting the take-off of her flight to come see us for the week. I am so excited! I know she’s excited, too, but like it is for so many others, flying is the source of great anxiety for her.

We all know that the fear of flying is our fear of death. If you fall from the sky, chances are you’re going to die. But is that the true source of our fear?

I know I used to be afraid of flying, too. But as I continued to create a connection to the other side, my fears diminished. By working with my guardian angels, spirit guides, Christ, Mother Mary, and a whole slew of light beings, I no longer felt the same kind of anxiety. Because I felt such a connection to the light, I knew that THIS earth is NOT IT and let go of my fear of dying.

That’s when I realized what our true fear is. It’s the not knowing and not trusting that everything will be OK once we leave this planet. It’s the same fear we have here on earth. We don’t want to be alone!

Can I say for sure that I know what’s on the other side? No. But I do know that there are beautiful light beings who will meet me and guide me once I get there. KNOWING this brings such incredible comfort. Whether I’m here on earth or have left, I KNOW without a doubt that I am loved and taken care of. What a relief!

So how did I get to this place of peace about death? I committed to asking for help daily from the other side. And each time I received a message or guidance, I got grounded in the truth that I am not alone, never have been and never will be.

I want to encourage you to take the time each day to connect to the other side. I do this by sitting in meditation, prayer, and writing in my journal. I get grounded in God’s light and give myself PERMISSION TO RECEIVE love and guidance. I visualize the beautiful light being from the other side that I want to talk to and I ask for help or guidance.

I may receive an answer through a picture in my mind, a word that pops up, or hear my voice telling me what I need to know. Or, I may just have a sense of what the answer is. We all get answers in different ways. The key is to know that you are not alone and the answer is there if you’ll stay open to receive it! It may come right then or it may take a day or a week. Just trust that it is there and it will show up in the divine right timing.

Connecting to the other side really is this simple. Grounding is the key, however. By bringing in the light of God and allowing it to run through your whole being, you raise your vibration to open up and receive messages.

I want to encourage you to get grounded in God’s light daily. Make this your practice to connect to the other side. Whether it’s about daily life, flying, death, or anything else that scares you, your anxiety will diminish. As you make a connection to the other side, you will KNOW that you, too, are not alone, never have been and never will be.

If you’re not sure how to get grounded, click here and get my free meditation, Grounding in God’s Light.

And, as always, we want to hear from you! I want to hear your stories about connecting to the other side. It’s safe to do this here. I can’t tell you how many times people come to me and say, “Can I tell you what happened to me? No one else will believe me.” Or, “I can’t tell anyone else this, but can I tell you?”

People seem to think that connecting to the other side is bad. This is why we feel so alone and afraid! It’s not bad. It’s our divine right to be able to connect to the love that is always there for us!

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  1. Thank you Terri for the gift of this beautiful meditation. I feel such love and peace when I listen to it. What a blessing!

    1. You are very welcome, Kristin! I use this meditation daily. So glad you like it! Hugs!!

  2. I have known Terri since she was a young lady in elementary school and seen the famous pick up truck in the USA Organization pageants. She is grounded and at my age I have found my own meditations, thoughts and Biblical studies are aligned with hers. I love reading Terri’s writing. I have only been in this program a short time but will certainly continue. I have watched Kolbi and her sister grow up before my eyes. As a grandmother, I am ordering the Enlightened Mom. Thank you, Terri.
    Norma Staggs Long

    1. Norma, thank you so much for all of your kind words and the wonderful support you’ve given over the years. You are so very appreciated!

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