The Enlightened Mom: My Writing Adventure

My book, The Enlightened Mom: A Mother’s Guide for Bringing Peace, Love & Light to Your Family’s Life, is coming out on May 2nd. Woo hoo! I’m so excited! This book has been such a huge part of my life for the past six years. Yep! SIX YEARS! Can you believe that? I’m not sure I can, but I do know that the unfolding of the book has been an amazing adventure!

It began when an intuitive came up to me at a party and said, “You’re getting ready to write your next book.” I laughed at her and asked, “I am? Do you want to tell me what’s it’s about?”

She said, “Someone you’ve had issues with in your life.”

I howled with laughter! “With my old anger problems? Do you realize how many people that could be?”

She simply said, “You will know in the next two to three months.”

And you know what, she was right. The topic of my book began to reveal itself when my late hubby, Steve, asked me to write a story for his Internet website, Conscious One. It was Mother’s Day and he asked me to share with his readers how I healed my issues with my mom. (Most of us have some sort of issue from our childhoods, whether minor or small, related to our moms.) We sent out an invitation to the readers first, asking them to tell us about their “mom issues” and then in return, I would send them a letter with my story of healing. 1700 people responded! I thought that was pretty cool, but still wasn’t paying attention. Steve had just been diagnosed with cancer, so my focus was on him and our kids.

The second sign came when ALL of my clients shifted to being moms. I don’t mean that they were childless and then got pregnant. What I mean is that prior to this time, I had been coaching men, women, singles and some married people. But never was the focus mainly on moms and their issues. But all of the sudden, my clientele changed. The old clients faded away and every new client was a woman and most of them were moms!

I was starting to “get it,” and began to take notes. The real hammer over the head, however, was many months later as I was meditating while on an acupuncture table. I was fairly mindless and in “la la land” when I heard, “The Enlightened Mom.” That snapped me back to earth! “That’s the name of this book!” I thought. I was so stoked. Then I asked, “What’s the tagline, God?” The response I received got my attention. I heard, “You’re not in control of this, Terri. This message is going to be fed to you.” Woo hoo! I knew there was an incredible adventure ahead!

The next day as I was exercising in my bedroom, again being somewhat mindless, I heard very clearly, “A Mother’s Guide for Bringing Peace, Love & Light to Your Family’s Life.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but knew without a doubt that this was my subtitle. I also got very clear that I was not in control of this writing adventure.

Message after message was revealed that I was writing a book for moms, helping them heal their lives like I had done. Then I finally sat down at my desk one day and wrote a letter to God. I asked, “Where do I begin?”

The response that came through my pen was a little confusing. “Begin in the beginning.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“Terri, take moms step-by-step from where you first began.”

And so I did. The Enlightened Mom is a step-by-step guide to heal your life. I share ALL of the tools that helped me rid myself of pain, negativity, anger, judgment, resentment and blame, so that you, too, can create a life and home of peace, abundance, PLAYFULNESS and love.

I also share story after healing story of my own and ones from my clients and students as well. These are real-life experiences and how we all shifted our lives from lack to abundance. Some are emotional and some will make you laugh, like in Chapter 2, called “God is Everywhere…Even in Your Washing Machine.” I love the experience I tell of when my daughter Mackenzie came home with a friend to find me in my fluffy pink bathrobe, sitting on the kitchen floor with my eyes closed next to my dishwasher. When she asked what in the world I was doing, I opened up one eye and said, “Meditating.” You can only imagine her response!

You will laugh at times and there will be moments you cry as you read The Enlightened Mom. And you will heal.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it took me six years to bring this book to fruition. There were many instances when I thought it was the “right time,” only to be reminded that I was not the one in charge of this adventure. So I would set the book down and allow God to guide me once again. For instance, I thought the book was done four years ago, until a month later when Steve dropped dead of a massive heart attack. I was told very clearly in meditation, “Put it down, Terri.” Thankfully, I listened.

It was about a year after Steve’s passing that I was guided to pick the book up again. It was time to take the message a little deeper. New messages came to me to share with the reader. Life continually unfolded around me, allowing me to get fully grounded in this message. I got remarried, blended a family, built a company, and launched The Enlightened Mom Global Community. Finally, the foundation was built to reach out to the world with this healing message.

So now it’s time. It is time to share The Enlightened Mom. On May 2nd, we will be launching a whole program to the moms of the world. Not only was I guided to write the book, but I was also guided to record 25 meditations that go hand-in-hand with each chapter to deepen your healing. It is so cool! I can’t wait for you to see it!

When I look back over these past six years and ask what has been the greatest gift, “surrender” is what I hear. I’ve had to surrender this book, my family and friends as I have traveled this writing adventure. I’ve surrendered my loved ones by letting go of the beliefs of what a “good” mom should be, putting God before everyone else. And I’ve surrendered this book by allowing it to be revealed to me. This is what happens when you walk the path of The Enlightened Mom. You get out of your head and into your heart. You step into a magical adventure as you surrender to God.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Enlightened Mom is coming May 2nd! This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for yourself or the mom in your life! Click here to get a sneak peek of Chapter One and it’s companion meditation. And, by taking advantage of this sneak peek, you will also get a notification in your inbox days before the worldwide launch with special “early bird” discounted pricing.

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