MOM, ready to shift your life, home and work?

Are you ready to give your family the greatest chance for peace, success and happiness? You and your family CAN have it ALL when you step onto the path of The Enlightened Mom!

You are here because the “old way” of being mom isn’t working. I know this because I’m a mom like you. I know you want your family to feel loved and valued. You want to do things right so your kids will feel happy and successful. But if you’re like I was, in your effort to be the best mom you can be, you’ve lost yourself.

Spiritual coach, wife, mom, stepmom and former Miss USA, Terri Britt, shows you the steps and shares with you the wisdom and tools to create a life and home of peace, abundance and joy!

Mom, it’s time for a change! You are ready to KNOW without a doubt that you are okay. That YOU are of value. That you matter. And that you deserve love and abundance.

And once you believe this from your core, your world will transform. How you react to and interact with the ones you love will shift. You will feel heard. You will feel valued. You will feel accepted. You will feel respected. You will feel loved. In this new-found abundance, you will become a joyful, playful, creative, and loving woman. And here’s the really cool part! By living your life this way, you energetically shift your life into a magical flow of miracles and abundance. Woo hoo! And, as you do this for yourself, your life will be a shining example for everyone. THIS is your greatest act of service!

It’s not what we do for our families, but how we live our lives that impacts them the most!

But here is the key: it has to start with you first. And that is why you’ve found your way here. To be the best mom you can be, you have to get in touch with who you are; not who you think you’re supposed to be. This is what I did. I let go of the “good girl rules” in my subconscious mind that told me I wasn’t enough simply for being me. And you know what? My whole life changed! I quit performing, trying to make everyone happy. By loving myself this way, I sent a message to my family that they could quit performing, too. Our whole family shifted! Where there used to be resentment and often screaming and yelling, a sense of compassion, peace, forgiveness and unconditional love settled into our home. My late husband said it best. He told me, “I feel better in my skin than I’ve ever felt.” I asked him why and he said, “You forced me to it. When you decided to find yourself, it forced me to find myself, too.” Wow! By finally loving myself, I gave my family the greatest gift.

And now I want to share the tools with you so you can give your family a gift, too!

The Enlightened Mom® Abundance Program takes you step-by-step, helping you shed the false beliefs that say you’re “not good enough,” and that you don’t matter. YOU MATTER, MOM! There is nothing wrong with you. YOU ARE A GIFT! You’ve simply forgotten who you are. You’ve bought into beliefs of what a “good mom” should be and have disconnected from your heart. It is this disconnection that creates your lack, pain and suffering. And as you suffer, so do the ones you love. As you deny yourself and disconnect from who you are, your example sends a message to your loved ones that says they should disconnect from their hearts, too! And, thus, the cycle of self-denial in your family continues! But, you, Mom, have the power to energetically shift your life and home! Just like I did! And The Enlightened Mom® Abundance Program is going to show you how!

“I had spent my entire life questioning myself, wanting to hide, never secure in any decision I made. I always felt like I wasn’t nice enough, I was too judgmental, and I wasn’t a good enough friend. It seemed as though my head was constantly spinning. By the time I reached Terri’s class I was so good at appearing ‘all together,’ I didn’t even know who I was anymore. And to make it worse, I was constantly screaming at my beautiful three-year-old daughter. God made it very clear something had to change; I was in so much pain. And Terri gave me that change. She gently nudged me forward, helping me take that first step to healing, and I haven’t been the same since. My life has literally exploded with love, creativity, new paths I never thought possible. Because of The Enlightened Mom’s class, my husband even wants to make changes. Thanks, Terri!” ~Krista Squiers, Enlightened Mom abundance-program You will learn tools to help you:

You will learn tools to help you:

Mom, it’s time to say YES! to yourself! Step onto the path of The Enlightened Mom! Be an example of unconditional love for yourself AND your family.

Set the tone for the ones you love to live lives of peace, passion, playfulness, miracles and abundance!

THIS is the greatest gift you will ever give your family and the world!

The Enlightened Mom® Abundance Program Includes

The Enlightened Mom


The Enlightened Mom


The Enlightened Mom®:

Stepping Onto The Path

Audio Series

package-tem-bookTerri takes you through your subconscious mind to release the false beliefs that sabotage your happiness.package-tem-audio-medThis set includes Terri’s 25 guided meditations that go hand-in-hand with The Enlightened Mom book. Mp3 formats.


Foundational tools of The Enlightened Mom® program to further deepen your healing in 4 one-hour audio sessions.  In Mp3 format only.

Total Value of Program: $273.95

Your Cost:  $217 


The Enlightened Mom® Abundance Package WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Here’s what you will receive:

  • The Enlightened Mom ~ WINNER BEST SPIRITUAL BOOK at both the 2011 New York and San Francisco Book Festivals.

We’ve been ingrained with a belief that says life is a competition and that we must all strive to get ahead. This is why we mommas run tem-bookourselves into the ground. WE JUST WANT TO DO IT RIGHT FOR THE ONES WE LOVE. Whether it’s trying to be “the best” for our kids or for our work or friends, we deny ourselves believing this will create abundance for them as well as ourselves. But this isn’t how you create abundance. The false beliefs in your subconscious mind have brainwashed you! The truth is that everything you want is provided for you; you simply have to open up and receive it. The problem is those pesky hidden false beliefs that say “you’re bad,” or “you’re not worthy” of the things you want. They shut you down to receiving. In The Enlightened Mom, I take you through your subconscious mind to release the false beliefs that sabotage your happiness. And with each release, you will feel a new sense of freedom. You will feel loved. You will feel abundant. You will finally realize that the only thing that was missing all along was a deep connection to your heart and who you are. And as you honor and love the way you were created, you will ATTRACT the things you want. Your life will change! Your family will change! And so will your work! You create abundance from the inside out when you walk the path of The Enlightened Mom!

Click here to read the intro and first chapter right now!

Value: $26.95

“Warm, heartfelt, inspiring, and at times hilarious! The Enlightened Mom is a ‘must read’ for any Mom who’s ever felt frustrated, overwhelmed, lost, or alone – oh wait… that’s ALL of us!” ~ Liz Hope Thompson, Co-Founder of Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine
“Terri shows how ANY mom can be an Enlightened Mom. This engaging book has given me the ability to connect to my heart and soul, to drain off negative energy and to release beliefs within me that no longer serve me. Using Terri’s meditations and tools leave my heart feeling light and happy, and my mind and body at ease with peace. The Enlightened Mom has awakened my soul and has allowed me to play, become more patient, yell less and embrace the moments with my children, rather than let them slip by with the hustle and bustle of life. TEM is a ‘one of a kind’ book that all moms can embrace.” ~ Amy Lundberg, The Ultimate Mom’s Self Care Advocate
  • The Enlightened Mom Meditations.

tem-meditationsThis Mp3 set consists of 25 guided meditations that go hand-in-hand with The Enlightened Mom book. As you read each chapter of the book and look at the topics and how they are affecting your life, you will see meditations written step-by-step to help you go into your subconscious mind. To deepen your healing, after each written meditation is specific guidance to one of these 25 companion audio meditation. As you listen to each one, I will help you pinpoint the negative belief that is affecting your life and gently guide you to release it, energetically shifting your life and home so you become a happier mom.

Listen to a sample meditation now: “The Truth About Playfulness”

      Value: $57

“Terri Britt shows you how to heal your life, helping you become a more joyful, loving mom. I’ve personally experienced Terri’s work and it is absolutely life-transforming!”~ Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times best selling author of Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul series
  • The Enlightened Mom®: Stepping onto the Path Audio Series.

Jump start your life with this 4-part audio series as I teach you the foundational tools of The Enlightened Mom® programpackage-stepping

4 one-hour audio sessions in Mp3 downloadable format, filled with tools, tools, and more tools to release your limiting beliefs that shut you down to inner and outer abundance. Sessions consist of experiential exercises, meditations, and energetic healing. Plus, you will receive support materials for each class. All of this created to give you a jump-start onto the path of The Enlightened Mom!

Session 1: Create a Connection

Mom, it’s time to redefine what it means to be a loving mom. Your family needs you to love and nurture yourself and align with God, raising your vibration to step into a magical flow of abundance. THIS is your greatest act of service. Your family needs to see you being an example of inner and outer abundance so they can do the same! The key is to stop denying yourself and instead create a connection to God. In this Session I, you will learn tools to create a connection and open up energetically to align with God.

Session 2: Get REAL and Heal!

It’s time to get real with your self. For the world to mirror love and acceptance to you, you first have to get honest with yourself and look at the negative beliefs that say you are wrong for being who you are. In this Session II, you will release beliefs that shut you down to expressing yourself fully and let go of your inner labels that make you feel bad about yourself and keep you feeling guilty and in a low vibration.

Session 3: Cleaning Out the CRAP!

Anger, judgment, frustration, blame and all the emotional chaos you feel in your life, even those knee-jerk reactions you hate, are gifts to help you find your truth. In this Session III, you will shift from feeling like a victim and, instead, see the crap in your life as a gift to stop performing for others and finally take back the authority of your life by embracing the real you. You will learn the Retrieving the Gift of Love Process to energetically shift your life and your family’s, too!

Session 4: Create the Life You Love

It’s time to say YES to a life of passion, play, and purpose. In this Session IV, you will learn how to clean up your doubts that say you can’t have what you want. You will let go of negative beliefs about being passionate and playful. And you’ll learn how to release survival fears that get in the way of the life you crave. Mom, you have the power to create the life you want when you listen to the guidance of your heart and stop limiting God!

SPECIAL BONUS: Stepping onto the Path Companion Mini Workbooks

Your mission as an Enlightened Mom is to get into alignment with God. Self-awareness is the beginning step to getting there. In each of the four Stepping onto the Path audio sessions, you receive a companion mini workbook. By answering the questions, doing the action steps, practicing the spiritual tools given and taking in the “thoughts to ponder,” you will deepen your awareness and healing, and begin to truly love and accept yourself unconditionally.

Value: $197

“I wasn’t quite sure why I was even listening, the first time I heard Terri speak – but she seemed to be speaking directly to me. She knew just what my situation was and what I was feeling! So, I had to hear more. Although my Enlightened Mom conference call group was made of women at diverse points in their journeys, Terri’s comments and suggestions for one woman were always relevant for all of us. She has such a deep understanding of the process and those she is working with! I’m keeping her tools and book handy as I continue my journey.”~Karen Armas Landau, Enlightened Mom
“The Enlightened Mom has truly changed my life! As a new mommy, I was overwhelmed and stressed thinking I had to be this completely wonderful superwoman who does it all and everything is perfect. Terri has taught me that I need to take ‘me time’ and find out who I am and what makes me happy. She has given me all the tools I need to continue to keep myself grounded and to heal myself. I highly recommend this class to EVERY woman! Terri is amazing! She will help you heal and become the woman you have always wanted to be so you can be the best mom and wife possible, because you are truly happy.” ~Christian Jones, Enlightened Mom

The Enlightened Mom® Abundance Program

The Enlightened Mom


The Enlightened Mom


The Enlightened Mom®:

Stepping Onto The Path

Audio Series

package-tem-bookTerri takes you through your subconscious mind to release the false beliefs that sabotage your happiness.package-tem-audio-medThis set includes Terri’s 25 guided meditations that go hand-in-hand with The Enlightened Mom book.  Mp3 format.


Foundational tools of The Enlightened Mom program to further deepen your healing in 4 one-hour audio sessions.  In Mp3 format only.

Total Value of Program: $273.95

Your Cost:  $217

The Enlightened Mom® Abundance Program SAVES YOU nearly $60 over purchasing each product individually!


And, Mom, because I believe in and stand behind my products and services, if for any reason you walk away from this program and don’t feel you’ve received any value, you get 100% of your money back. This is my


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