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terri-frontWelcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

You are about to discover energetic tools that will empower you to shift your life, home and even your work to peace, passion, playfulness, miracles and abundance. These tools changed my life, and have been changing moms’ lives and their families around the world for over a decade.

You are here because you’re ready for a change! It’s time to Step onto the Path of The Enlightened Mom. Let’s get started


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Mom, you’ve just listened to the first session of my 4-part series, “Step onto the Path of The Enlightened Mom: Energetic Tools to Shift Your Life, Home and Work to Peace, Passion, Playfulness, Miracles & Abundance.” This first session is my gift to you for being here. Thank you!

In this first audio, you’ve learned how important it is to raise your vibration so that you can connect AND receive God’s miracles and abundance. You’ve also learned how important it is for your family to see you live your life this way. If you want them to have peace, happiness and abundance in every area of their lives, be an example of this! This is your greatest act of service to the ones you love.

But you’ve only just begun! There is so much more to discover!

The next three sessions of this series are filled with tools, tools and more tools to shift your vibration so you can create the life and home you want. The key is that you have to be open to receive on a deep energetic level. But here’s the problem. Most of us are not open. We want to receive, and sometimes even ask for what we want, but then don’t get it. Or we have to struggle to have what we want. That’s because you have false beliefs in your subconscious mind that block you energetically and you most likely don’t even know they are there! These are the beliefs that tell you lies like, “You’re unlovable. You’re not enough. Or you’re not worthy.” We’re going to release those beliefs in Session 2. You’ll see that not only do you shift, but your relationships will, too!

In Session 3, you’re going to discover a process that will empower you to deal with whatever life throws at you so you can turn it around with grace and ease. You’re going to release emotional chaos and negativity so you, once again, raise your vibration to receive.

And in the last session, you are going to bring more passion and playfulness to your life and open up to your intuition. You’ll take a big leap from your head to your heart. Plus, you’ll discover how to clean up your fears as you create exactly what you want!

Mom, YOU have the power to create a life that is filled with abundance! You claim that power when you dive fully in to the path of The Enlightened Mom! Grab the 4-part audio series now for only $97! Don’t hesitate! Do yourself and your family a HUGE favor!