Surrender Your Agenda!

SURRENDER YOUR AGENDA! Are you controlling the outcomes of your life? Whether with money, relationships, career or your health, if you’re controlling, you are stopping or resisting the Universe’s support and Divine flow. Want to let go? Then join me for this week’s REPLAY of our Women Leaders of Love Own Your Worth Wednesdays.

Here are some of the links we discussed today: Grab my FREE Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle here to help you take a giant step into owning your worth and fulfilling your purpose. Plus, you’ll receive the weekly Zoom link to join us in the coaching session of this call. This is the link to my Worthiness Quotient digital program in which you hear Anne talk about on the call. It’s a game changer. Join me for this FREE masterclass to help you get clear on how your worthiness affects your vibration and what you are able to create in your life.

Join us every week at 2 pm EDT for our LIVE Own Your Worth Wednesdays!

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