What’s Your Biggest Struggle, Mom?

I’m curious.  When I think about all of the moms I know, I can see that each has different struggles.  For one it might be financial struggles, and for another it might be issues with a spouse or kids.  What is your biggest struggle, Mom?

I’ve had my own share of struggles to deal with over the years.  I had two HUGE issues early on as a mom.  The first was feeling buried in anger and resentment towards my late spouse.  I believed he had more fun than I did.  Boy, this used to tick me off and it definitely caused a lot of arguments between us.  Then, I FINALLY realized that I could have fun, too, if I would just say yes to myself.  That’s when the struggle ended.


The second big issue I used to have was that dark emotional guilt I felt about my kids. I truly believed it was my job to make them happy.  And since kids’ emotions are ever-changing, I never felt as if I could win.  Thankfully, I discovered that it wasn’t my job to make my kids happy.  My job is to be an example of how to find happiness within!

Now I would have to say that my biggest struggle is with time and creating stronger boundaries for myself.  As my work grows more demanding, there are days that I find myself wanting to run for the hills!  That’s when I have to remind myself that it is MY choice in how I live my life.  I can either be ruled by the clock or I can choose to set strong boundaries and live from my heart.  When I follow the latter, life is so much more joyous and fun.

So what is your biggest struggle, Mom?  I would love to hear from you and see what yours is?  Or, did you have one from the past that is now long gone?  How did you shift it?   I invite you to take a moment and think about this and, when you’re ready, post your response below.  It’s time to get real.  Only by having the courage to look at our struggles can we let them go!


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