Step on to The Path Gift

Hi, Mom!

I’m so glad you’ve found your way to The Enlightened Mom crash course! Step onto the Path: Energetic Tools to Shift Your Life, Home and Work to Peace, Passion, Playfulness, Miracles and Abundance is filled with energetic tools to kick start peace, joy, miracles and abundance into your life so you can STOP SWEATING BEING A MOM! By practicing these tools, you will feel empowered to handle all of life’s situations. You will feel centered and connected. You will let go of guilt and learn how to release your worries and concerns. These tools will help you feel worthy of God’s love and support, opening your heart to receive like you’ve never imagined, whether it’s from the people around you or the angels above you! And as you begin to feel this love, it will overflow to your family, friends, and work. By using the tools you are about to learn, you will release emotional chaos that creates lack, pain and suffering. Facing each day with trust, peace, and joy is your greatest act of service and the best gift you will ever give to the world around you! As you deepen your connection to God’s guidance and love, your life becomes a living example of miracles and abundance!

By filling in the box below, you will receive The Enlightened Mom Step onto the Path audio series in its entirety! The program consists of four Mp3 audio sessions, approximately one hour each. Plus, each class has downloadable support materials. This series is a $97 value and it’s yours FREE. This is my gift to you for having the courage and commitment to step onto this path with me, as well as with moms from around the globe. You truly make a difference when you heal your life! We mommas have the ability to shift the world, but it starts with us first! When mom heals…the family heals…the world heals.

Thank you!

With love and light,