“You have the power to create a life you love, but it means you must take back the authority of your life and become a Woman Leader of Love!”

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Women have become adept at ignoring the cries of their own hearts believing that working oneself into the ground, trying to “get it right” and “do it right,” is the road to fulfillment. But this attitude only creates pain and suffering not only for women, but also for the people they care about and love.

Former Miss USA and TEDx speaker, Terri Britt, understands the heart of women and how to clean out the emotional chaos that keeps them on the hamster wheel of stress and struggle. As a master storyteller, sharing her own experiences, Terri takes you on a roller coaster ride of laughter, joy and tears. You will find yourself dancing in the aisles one moment and in deep meditation the next as Terri guides you to “stop the performance” and create a life of peace, passion, balance and fulfillment.

TEDx Talk

Unconditional Self-Love: A New Family Paradigm

She Talks/Women Gone Wild

Lead with Love

Terri is available for keynote presentations and for workshops that can range from one hour up to multi-day programs. Presentations can be customized for your group. Topics include:


You have the power to create change not only in your life, but also in your family, community and the world. You create that change when you stop trying to “win” at life and become a Woman Leader of Love, setting the tone for others to watch you and learn. In this talk, Terri takes you step-by-step and shows you how to tap into the power to create a life of peace, passion, balance and fulfillment. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why trying to “win” at life sets you AND others up for failure
  • What your daily stress is trying to tell you
  • What the Law of Vibration is and how it’s affecting you
  • Energetic tools to open up to “receive” the life you want with grace and ease
  • How any woman can shift from an emotional mess to a leader of love and success
  • Why connecting to the wise, intuitive, & receptive you is your greatest act of service

Client Love

“Terri was fantastic at our annual ladies luncheon and very inspirational. Her story of learning to truly love yourself to bring more peace into your life was extremely well received. Terri is a wonderful speaker and engages the audience in a storyteller way that keeps you listening to the very end. If you are looking for an uplifting speaker who is aligned with her message, then look no further.” ~ Tracy W. Palmer, Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association

the worthiness quotient

Your Worthiness Quotient is how open you are to receiving love, nurturing and support simply for who you were created to be. Your Worthiness Quotient is the key to your inner power to create a life you love. And it’s based in the energetic vibration you hold. If your WQ is low, life will feel stressful and hard. If it’s high, life becomes a magical flow. In this talk, you will discover how to raise your Worthiness Quotient so you feel “enough” and open up to receive a life you love with grace and ease. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What your emotional chaos is trying to tell you
  • Why you don’t “receive” the things you want and how to stop it
  • Why your WQ is the key to creating the life of your dreams
  • How to recognize when your WQ is low and when it’s high
  • The #1 secret to feeling “enough” in every area of your life
  • A 3-step process to raise your Worthiness Quotient

STOP the Performance!

You are an amazing gift to the world around you. But as long as you continue to perform, trying to prove yourself, you will never know this and will perpetuate emotional chaos. In this low vibration, life will feel hard. It’s time to get out of your head and into your heart! As you honor and love the real you, you raise your vibration and life begins to flow with grace and ease. You become a joyful example of passion, purpose, prosperity and love. In this topic, you’ll learn:

  • Why living from your head creates lack, pain and suffering
  • Why you have emotional chaos and why it’s a gift
  • The energy of performing and how it shuts you down to abundance
  • A 3-step process to STOP the PERFORMANCE
  • How to raise your vibration to attract a life you love
  • To see intuitively how you positively affect others as you stand in your truth

The Enlightened Mom

Mom, when you follow God’s messages in your heart, your life flows.  You become a kid again, and a more joyous and loving mom.  Terri teaches you how to connect to that all-loving source and create the life and home you’ve always wanted.  The key is to release your need to be the perfect mom.  That means you must let go of all your false beliefs that have been running your life, and step into who you really are.  It is in this truth that you create the passionate, dynamic, and abundant life you’ve always craved. And as you do, not only do you discover the awesome woman that you are, you become an example for everyone you love.  Here’s what you’ll learn as Terri teaches you tools to walk the path of the Enlightened Mom:

  • How to truly connect to God so that you know you are not alone and can receive the guidance you desire
  • How to release your limiting beliefs of how you “should” be and follow your heart
  • How to stop feeling overwhelmed as a mother and release your need to control
  • How to end knee-jerk reactions
  • How to release all pain, guilt, judgment and negativity from your life
  • How to tap into the gifts that reside in you so that you are a happier, more loving woman and mom

Moms, Money & Miracles

Most moms believe that to be loving means you must put the family first. But what Mom doesn’t realize is that her example sets the tone for the ones she loves. If mom denies herself, she sends an energetic message to her family that says it isn’t okay to receive love, nurturing and support. In this talk, Terri shares how to end the #1 massive mistake moms make so you and your family thrive instead of survive. In it, you’ll learn:

  • What the #1 massive mistake moms make is and why we do it
  • How your energetic vibration shuts down your family from receiving abundance
  • How to shift the family from survive mode to thrive mode
  • Why money issues are mirrors to your self-denial
  • Energetic steps to receive miracles so your family learns from your positive example

Cleanin’ the Crap Out of Your Relationships

It’s time to release anger, frustration and blame! If your life is troubled with unhappy relationships, it’s because your relationship with yourself is an unhappy one. Seeing relationships as gifts to learn about yourself and grow is the key. This experiential workshop is packed with tools to create a life filled with gratitude, forgiveness and love.

In it, you’ll learn…

  • What your negative emotions are telling you
  • Why your relationships are messengers guiding you to more peace and joy
  • A 3-step process to energetically shift your troubled relationships
  • How to see the spiritual contracts between you and others
  • How to create greater communication and intimacy with the ones you love

Cleanin’ the Crap Out of the Workplace

Emotional chaos, bickering and stress destroy the workplace. Terri teaches your employees tools to see the gift in the chaos, helping them create greater relationships and communication with fellow employees, as well as with themselves. As a result, the workplace becomes a more productive and creative environment.

In this session, you and your employees will discover:

  • What stress in the workplace is telling you about yourself
  • The Law of Vibration and why you attract difficult relationships
  • How to shift from victim mentality to empowerment mentality
  • A 3-step energetic process to see the gift in the crap
  • How to create a more creative, loving, and productive work environment

To contact Terri for your next speaking event, email or call:

speaking@terribritt.com or 706-865-9564

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