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An Impassioned Speaker…

Terri Britt takes you on a roller coaster ride of laughter, joy and tears.  You will find yourself dancing in the aisles one moment and in deep meditation the next as Terri guides you on a path of self-discovery.  You will walk away with a smile on your face!

Terri is available for keynote presentations and for workshops that can range from one hour up to multi-day programs. Presentations can be customized for your group. Topics include:

The Enlightened Mom

Mom, when you follow God’s messages in your heart, your life flows.  You become a kid again, and a more joyous and loving mom.  Terri teaches you how to connect to that all-loving source and create the life and home you’ve always wanted.  The key is to release your need to be the perfect mom.  That means you must let go of all your false beliefs that have been running your life, and step into who you really are.  It is in this truth that you create the passionate, dynamic, and abundant life you’ve always craved. And as you do, not only do you discover the awesome woman that you are, you become an example for everyone you love.  Here’s what you’ll learn as Terri teaches you tools to walk the path of the Enlightened Mom:

  • How to truly connect to God so that you know you are not alone and can receive the guidance you desire
  • How to release your limiting beliefs of how you “should” be and follow your heart
  • How to stop feeling overwhelmed as a mother and release your need to control
  • How to end knee-jerk reactions
  • How to release all pain, guilt, judgment and negativity from your life
  • How to tap into the gifts that reside in you so that you are a happier, more loving woman and mom

As you heal, your family will heal, creating a life of abundance, acceptance and love not only for yourself, but for your whole family as well!

You Are A Gift!

Whether you are a mom, dad, single, teen, or a kid, you are special and unique and have amazing gifts within you.  It’s time to show the world the real you!  It’s time to live from your heart and stand in your truth.  The problem with living authentically is that most of us don’t know who we are. Learn tools for discovering the real you so that you may live your life authentically with creativity, distinction, and love. The world is waiting for you!

Cleanin’ the Crap Out of Your Relationships

It’s time to release anger, frustration and blame! If your life is troubled with unhappy relationships, it’s because your relationship with yourself is an unhappy one. Seeing relationships as gifts to learn about yourself and grow is the key. This experiential workshop is packed with tools to create a life filled with gratitude, forgiveness and love.

Cleanin’ the Crap Out of the Workplace

Emotional chaos, bickering and stress destroy the workplace. Terri teaches your employees tools to see the gift in the chaos, helping them create greater relationships and communication with fellow employees, as well as with themselves. As a result, the workplace becomes a more productive and creative environment.

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