Mom, are you showing up?

Mom, are you showing up? We mommas tend to put ourselves on the back burner and become shadows to the ones we love. But instead of feeling joyful, playful, and abundant, we suffer. Our suffering is the greatest indicator that we are not showing up for ourselves. What does suffering look like? Emotional chaos, worry, guilt, running around like a chicken with your head cut off, screaming and yelling, lack of intimacy with your spouse, feelings of not belonging, worrying about money and survival, feelings that something is missing in your life, and those knee-jerk reactions that we all hate.

If you’re ready to end these negative feelings, if you’re ready to show up in life and quit settling for “the norm,” you have to get honest with yourself and commit to loving yourself. You have to show up. And as you do, you become a more joyful, passionate, playful, and happy mom. You show up as a light, a beacon of abundance for your family and the whole world. But you have to show up! When you keep making yourself a shadow, you set the tone for your family to suffer. Your example sets the tone for them to dim their lights and become shadows as well.

You have an opportunity to show up finally in life when you stop putting yourself on the back burner and step onto the path of The Enlightened Mom. It is when you give yourself permission to step out of hiding that you create a deep connection to God’s love, miracles and abundance. When you show up, God shows up!

But it starts with you first, Mom. You have to show up!

On Saturday (yes, just two days away), your life is going to change in a way that will affect everyone you know, especially your family. But you must take action now and give yourself permission to step out of the shadows and show up! Join me for “Moms, Money & Miracles!” This one-day intensive will teach you tools to help you and your family THRIVE instead of SURVIVE!

This isn’t a money class. This is a new way of being mom that ALLOWS you and your family to step out of the mindset of lack and survival. It is an experiential workshop where you’ll clean up hidden subconscious beliefs that block your abundance. You will walk away feeling worthy and loved, with a deeper knowingness that YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DESERVE GOD’S UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE AND MIRACLES! But to send that message to God that you are truly ready to receive this, you have to show up! You have to send a message that says, “I am taking a stand today to create a deep connection to God and an inner knowingness so that I AM OPEN TO RECEIVE GOD’S LOVE AND SUPPORT. I am taking a stand today for my family and me!”

IF YOU ARE READY TO TAKE A STAND FOR MIRACLES AND ABUNDANCE, YOU MUST SHOW UP NOW! Nothing is going to change if you don’t make a decision today! YOU HAVE the POWER to shift your life, your home and the world into more love, joy, peace and abundance, but it means you have to show up for yourself first!

YOU are READY MOM! You’ve been ready for a long time! Now is the time for you to make a change!


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