Shopping in the Flow

I went shopping with my daughter Mackenzie this week to prepare her for her sophomore year in college.  Yes, it seems quite early for back-to-school shopping since school just let out!  Whew!  Doesn’t mom ever get a break?  I really didn’t mind, however, as Mackenzie’s moving into her first apartment in August and was on a mission to get her bedroom fixed up.  I knew it would be fun to go with her as long as I allowed everything to unfold.

Our mission was to find pretty bedding that would work with her childhood dresser and nightstand.  She knew she wanted to surround herself with soft pastels, but that was about it.

As we bounced from one store to the next, the vision became clearer.  Where all along she had a certain kind of bedding in mind, shabby chic soon took over.

Before we knew it, not only had she picked out her bedding, she’d also chosen towels, bathroom accessories, a shower curtain, and even a new headboard on sale while browsing the internet!  Woo hoo!  Every bit of her shopping was done…and all in one day!  And as an added bonus, I didn’t spend that much money!  Yeah!

As I sat here thinking about this today, I laughed at how easy our shopping day was and how cute Mackenzie’s bedroom will be in her first apartment.  Then it hit me…we were “in the flow.”  Every step Kenzie took was from her heart.  When we first began our shopping jaunt, she really wasn’t sure what she wanted.  But with every decision she made, the vision got clearer.  Our shopping day literally felt like we were flowing down a river.

This is what it means to live life in the flow.  It’s like shopping in the flow.  You may not always know exactly what you want, but as long as you take tiny steps by listening to your heart, life will become way more fun and a whole lot easier.  And maybe, just maybe, along the way, you’ll create something magnificent!

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