Savor the Moments

My oldest daughter, Mackenzie, just returned home for the summer from her freshman year of college.  We took a long walk together yesterday and, as we chatted about school and all of her plans, I realized that this will be her last summer home with us.

Just writing this makes me want to cry.

It seems like it was only yesterday that I weaned Mackenzie from my breast.  Where has the time gone?

We mommas tend to spend so much time “doing” that we often forget to savor the moments that are happening right in front of us.  We get so caught up in what “needs” to be done or how things “have” to be that we forget what is most important.

Thankfully, I learned a long time ago that the present is fleeting.  My first realization came in my early 30’s when my dad died and my kids were young.  That’s when I first realized how precious life is.  This message really hit home three years ago.  That’s when my hubby passed away of a massive heart attack.  In the blink of an eye, our lives changed forever.  We didn’t even get to say good-bye.

So, for some time now, I’ve tried to stay present in all areas of my life, savoring the little moments.  That’s why I take those walks with my daughter and why I spend time chatting in my girls’ rooms.  Yes, like all mommas, sometimes I forget and get caught up in “stuff” to do.  But then I remember.

I remember that the little moments are what matter.  It’s these times that I savor, knowing that as each moment passes, it will be gone forever.

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