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***Before Terri dropped Amos from Amos-Britt, she ordered a lot of books and companion CDs to have in inventory. These are the same great products with original branding.

The Enlightened Mom Book$19.95

The Enlightened Mom: A Mother’s Guide for Bringing Peace, Love, & Light to Your Family’s Life:

*Finally love and honor the way you were created ~ so you KNOW that you are worthy and lovable just for being YOU!
*Create a greater connection to God’s guidance and unconditional love so you no longer feel burdened with doing it alone!
*Let go of anger, frustration and blame, and those knee-jerk reactions you hate ~ opening your heart to a deeper level of compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and love. Read more…

Buy Now: $10.97

Buy Now (***Amos-Britt Version): $7.98



The Enlightened Mom® Audio Meditations • $57.00

entrapimg_600x600Terri Britt personally guides you to clean up your emotional chaos and blocks to abundance in this powerful series of 25 grace-filled meditations that flow hand-in-hand with her book, The Enlightened Mom. As you release your limiting beliefs and open up to receiving, you will realize that you have the power to create a life of peace, abundance, and joy as you walk the path of the Enlightened Mom!

It’s not what we do for our families, but how we live our lives that impacts them the most!

THIS is the greatest gift you can give your family!

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Cds + Mp3 Download

Buy NOW ~ $37.05

Buy Now (***Amos-Britt Version): $22.80

Mp3s Only (Instant Download!):

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The Enlightened Mom Book Bundle• $67.00 or $57.00

This Bundle Includes:

  • The Enlightened Mom Book
  • The Enlightened Mom Meditation CDs and Mp3s (or Mp3s only if purchasing the $57 bundle)

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Book/CDs and Mp3 Audio

Buy Now ~ $36.85

Buy Now (***Amos-Britt Version)  ~ $26.80

Book and Mp3 only

Buy Now ~ $31.35



The Enlightened Mom®: Stepping onto the Path Audio Series • $197.00

TEM_CDoThis 4-Part Audio Series Includes:

  • Four sessions, approximately one hour each
  • Guided meditations and exercises included in each class
  • Downloadable pdf’s and support materials for each class
  • Plus a very special limited bonus – the entire collection of meditations from my audio cd Message Sent: Meditations for Retrieving the Gift of Love in instant download format.

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Mp3 Audio (Instant Download)

Available as Mp3 downloadble format only

Buy Now ~ $128.05



The Enlightened Mom®: Abundance Program $217.00

MOM, ready to shift your life, home and work? Are you ready to give your family the greatest chance for peace, success and happiness? You and your family CAN have it ALL when you step onto the path of The Enlightened Mom! You are here because the “old way” of being mom isn’t working. I know this because I’m a mom like you. I know you want your family to feel loved and valued. You want to do things right so your kids will feel happy and successful. But if you’re like I was, in your effort to be the best mom you can be, you’ve lost yourself.

The Abundance Program includes:

  • The Enlightened Mom Book
  • The Enlightened Mom Meditation CDs and Mp3s
  • The Enlightened Mom®: Stepping onto the Path Audio Series


Book, CDs and 4-part audio series

Buy Now ~$119.35

Buy Now  ( ***Amos-Britt Version) $86.80


The Enlightened Family® 4-Part Audio Series • $197.00

TEFAprilRegistrationMarkWhy Your Family Struggles and How to Stop It

The old way of being a family— parents driving themselves into the ground trying to provide for their kids and make sure they are happy and successful— isn’t working. Families are stressed out and falling apart, and home is filled with emotional chaos due to everyone trying to “get it right. It’s time to stop the performance! Learn energetic tools to get off the societal hamster wheel and shift your life and home to peace, joy, miracles and abundance!

Includes 4 audio sessions:
Session 1: A New Family Paradigm
Session 2: Finding the Gift in the Crap
Session 3: How to Turn Money Issues Into Miracles
Session 4: Ignite Intimacy, Passion & Romance

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Mp3 Audio (Instant Download)

Available as Mp3 downloadble format only

Buy Now ~ $108.35



Message Sent – The Book • $19.95

MESSAGE SENT FRONT COVERIn Message Sent, Terri Britt shares inspiring stories from her own journal and the awakenings she experienced as she made the decision to follow her heart as a wife and mom. Terri’s journey began when she had just been named Miss USA 1982. Instead of the joy she expected to feel, there was only emptiness. She had lived her life trying to be everything people thought she should be and in the process she had lost herself. She continued this path of self-denial with her marriage and her family …until she discovered the gift of change.

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Buy Now ~ $10.97



Message Sent® – Meditations • $16.95

The path to that voice is through meditation. Accompanied by pianist, Rashid Lanie, Message Sent: Meditations for Retrieving the Gift of Love includes five healing meditations to facilitate a life of passion, purpose, and unconditional love. For those of you just beginning to meditate, you will find a short guide to help you get started.

The Message Sent® meditations are also available as MP3 downloads which are available instantly after purchase. With MP3s the meditations can easily be loaded onto your portable music player so you can take them anywhere! Listen now>>>

Buy Now ~ CD Version $9.32

Buy Now ~ MP3 Download $5.47