It’s Time to Release Anger, Frustration & Blame

I feel called to share a FREE guided meditation with you that I have used for years to create freedom in every area of my life. You don’t even have to sign up for this gift. It’s completely free! It’s from my CD, Message Sent, and it’s called, “Releasing Anger, Frustration & Blame.”

I encourage you to use this meditation whenever you feel angry and frustrated, or when you hear yourself blaming others. In fact, you can use it for any negative emotion you’re feeling.

Inner freedom leads to outer freedom. If we want peace and love to prevail in our lives, homes and even the world, we must find it within ourselves first. And this meditation is a great way to get started!


“Releasing Anger, Frustration & Blame” changed my life. My hope for you is that it might help you, too. Enjoy!


P.S. Please share this with all of your friends. We are all being called to create more peace, love and forgiveness within ourselves so that our world might heal.

Click here to listen:

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  1. Hi Terri, is there any way to download this so I can listen to it away from my computer?

    1. Lynne, let me have my assistant post that for you. It will be tomorrow. Thanks for being here! ~Terri

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