Relationships CAN Change When You Shift Yourself First!

I love talk radio, especially the shows hosted by therapists.  I heard a woman call in to one recently who was in great pain due to an issue in her marriage:  she didn’t like her husband’s lack of communication.

The caller said she wanted her hubby to share more with her…to be more like a friend…someone to talk to and with whom she could share her heart.  She said she had lots of friends who had married men just as she was describing. But no matter what she did, she couldn’t create this in her own marriage.   In the end, she admitted to badgering her husband, which only created more strain and separation.

Then I heard the therapist tell the woman to give up on her husband changing.  The therapist proclaimed, “It will NEVER happen!”

I could hear the sadness in the caller’s voice as she grasped what the therapist said.  I wished I could tell her that things CAN change with her hubby, but the best way to make those changes is to shift herself first.

When you look at life from a spiritual perspective, instead of blaming others for your unhappiness, you look at each person you struggle with as a gift and a mirror to what you believe you deserve.

If I had been coaching the woman, I would have invited her to take the focus off of her hubby.  I would have guided her into a deep meditation to release the belief she carries in her subconscious mind that tells her she isn’t worthy of a loving, communicative relationship with her husband.

There are no guarantees that the relationship would shift, but what I’ve seen over the years is that as you walk through this process of seeing the gift, more often than not, relationships heal.

I believe by shifting ourselves and healing the pain we hold onto, we actually release the people in our lives to grow.  That’s because they, as spirits, don’t have to play their parts anymore.  They don’t need to be difficult and resistant to what we want.

When we put blame on others and try to force them to change, of course they’re not going to want to do anything for us!  However, when you take the time to look within and heal your false beliefs about what you think you deserve, you shift your vibration and create an opening for love.

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