Thursday, November 9 ~ Deborah McNelis: Neuro-Nurturing: The Desired Difference

As a Brain Development Specialist and founder of Brain Insights LLC, Deborah McNelis, M.Ed, has a passion to create broad and clear awareness of the critical importance of Neuro-Nurturing young children. Deborah says, “Every child is filled with possibilities. An infant is born as a beautifully unique and significant individual with a beautiful essence within their heart. BUT, each newborn is also born with a very undeveloped brain that requires nurturing.” Join us as Deborah discusses Neuro-Nurturing™ so that you can contribute to optimal development in your child’s young brain. The understanding you’ll gain will create invaluable insights and calming confidence for you as a parent. And the realizations you’ll have will lead you to recognizing, respecting and responding to the indefinable brilliance within the heart of your child.

The Neuro-Nurturing Interaction Packets Series. 

This extremely unique and beautiful set of six activity packets provides interaction ideas that your growing child needs to help shine their beautiful and undefinable essence. 

There is one packet for each of the first six years of life to provide fun activities to entertain active brains while you are busy! Like no other product, each activity in the packet includes a simple explanation of how the suggested interaction ideas enhance a child’s development toward thriving in life. As a caring parent you get the peace of mind and joy of providing all that your child wants and needs most! Available in both English and Spanish, these are loved by parents, grandparents and educators worldwide. Click here to learn more.

Deborah’s free gift, Loving A Baby Print, is a beautiful and insightful downloadable print. This loving message can be framed for your own baby’s room or as a gift. Organizations, agencies, and medical services also can share the print with parents. Click here to get your gift!

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