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Upcoming Shows

Thursday, September 21 ~ Kimberley Record: Body Love

Kimberley Record is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Body Love Coach, and the author of Finding Your Forever Body. She loves food and the pleasure of eating, hasn’t touched a diet book in more than ten years, and is proud to say she has no idea how much she weighs. But it wasn’t always that way. Join us as Kimberley shares her life-changing journey of self-discovery based on nutrition, fitness, and good mental, emotional and spiritual health. Today, Kimberley knows her body is her vehicle, not her identity, and has developed the Body Love toolbox to help separate body size from self-worth.

Get Kimberley’s free gift: The Top 7 Reasons Diets Don’t Work (free report) – a full chapter from her book, Finding Your Forever Body: A 10-Step Guide to Breaking the Diet Cycle for Good.  You can grab it at http://reasonsdietsdontwork.com/

Discover more about Kimberley Record at www.kimberleyrecord.com and www.findingyourforeverbody.com

Thursday, September 28 ~ Ally Loprete: You Got This!

Ally Loprete is a Self-made momprenuer and human potential advocate, and is nationally recognized as a vibrant and dynamic public speaker, radio personality and television host. She is the founder of OurMilkMoney.com, a nationwide online business directory of self-employed parents, the host of iHeart Radio’s THIS LITTLE PARENT STAYED HOME where 6 million listeners tune in for resources and support, and the host of her new on-camera live-streamed show also heard on iHeart called, DRAMATIC IMPACT WITH ALLY, where she interviews successful actors, directors, writers and producers in Hollywood to lift up aspiring artists around the world. In spite of all of her success, Ally deals with depression. Join us as Ally discusses her book, You Got This! in which she shares her inspiring journey.

To learn more about Ally and her work, go to: http://Allyloprete.com  http://dramaticimpactwithally.com

http://yougotthisbookseries.com  http://thislittleparent.com

Thursday, October 5 ~ Marlaine Cover: The Emancipation of Life Skills Education

Marlaine Cover, popularly known by her pen name “Mama Marlaine,” is a Social Entrepreneur, Best selling author, Creator of the Life Skills Report Card and Founder of the international consciousness movement Parenting 2.0. Having experienced first hand the pain of low Life Skill competencies, she is a leading voice and activist for elevating 21st century Life Skills education for all persons.

For more about Marlaine Cover, go to: https://www.parenting2pt0.org

Recent Shows

 Real Life Parent Guide, Kim Muench ~ Holding a Space for Your Child

Kim Muench is a Jai certified parent coach and columnist, guiding her clients with compassion and without judgment into healthier, happier, and more functional relationships with their kids. She is the mom of five and teaches what she had to learn when her son got into addiction. Kim is the author of My Mothers Footprints: A Story of Faith, Calm, Courage, Patience, and Grace. Her writings have been seen in the likes of The Huffington Post, Suburban Parent Magazine (Dallas/Fort Worth), and in Denton County’s The Cross Timbers Gazette where she shares her wisdom in her own column, “Something to Muench On.”

To learn more about Kim, go to www.realifeparentguide.com.


Become the Conscious Composer of Your Life ~ with Mark Romero

A former CEO and Executive Manager, Mark Romero’s life took a dramatic shift the day a former top-consultant to NASA discovered that he was a channel for harmonizing energy, and that he could infuse that energy into his music, products, programs and send directly to his clients. Mark is recognized as an expert in optimizing people’s vibration. He helps them realize that they are the conscious composer of their lives, and that they are here to express their innermost callings.

Through this revolutionary technology, Mark is able to help his clients remove the pieces that are hiding the masterpiece within, and help them tap into all of the power, know how, and wherewithal to dramatically enhance their ability to compose the life of their dreams.

Listen in and experience some of Mark’s wisdom and life-altering music!

To learn more about Mark, go to www.markromeromusic.com. And to get his free downloadable healing music track, go to http://markromeromusic.com/vipsignup/.