Are You Playing Without Guilt?

Are you playing without guilt? I’m talking about really playing, where you don’t have mind chatter saying, “Well, I REALLY need to be doing _____,” or “I’m going to get so behind if I take this time for myself.”

We women have a tendency to put playtime last on our list. And when we do play, we’re usually buried in guilt.

And most of us learned it from our mommas.

For many women, as soon as they become mothers, their natural instinct says, “I must protect my babies.” So moms tend to quit having fun. They put on their responsibility hats and place themselves on the backburner. As little girls, we watch our moms and learn to believe that THIS is how women are supposed to be. So we perpetuate the cycle as we grow up, shutting ourselves down to truly having fun.

But did you know that being playful is one of the greatest ways to feel connected, protected and loved? 

The little girl inside of you leaps for joy when you give her permission to be playful. Your actions tell her that she matters, that she is enough, that she deserves a break, and that you trust all will be okay as you love her this way.

When you are childlike with wonder and playfulness, you are joyful. And being joyful puts you in a high energetic vibration. It connects you to God. Joy opens you up to receive things in your life that have matching energy. Being open to receive is the key to living the life of your dreams. Giving yourself permission to play without guilt is an avenue there.

Giving yourself permission to play…without guilt…
creates inner and outer abundance.

If you’re buried in responsibilities all of the time and don’t allow yourself to play, you shut down your receptivity. And that’s when life stays hard.

Are you following your mother’s example and shutting down playfulness? If you are, the little girl inside of you most likely feels abandoned, rejected, and alone.

Even if you give yourself permission to play, if you have mind chatter telling you that you need to be doing something else, you’re burying yourself in guilt and sucking your joy away.

Guilt is punishment energy. It keeps you at a very low vibration and sends a message to the Universe that says you deserve punishment. If you feel guilty when playing and hear a nagging voice in your head about what you should be doing, this low vibration will draw situations and people with similar energies to you. Nothing will flow.

Guilt buries the little girl inside of you in darkness. It is here that she begins to question whether she is enough and if she matters. She will feel abandoned by you, and won’t feel as if she can trust you to protect her and love her. And that’s when anger, sadness, depression and hopelessness show up.

The irony of not allowing ourselves to play full out is that we believe burying ourselves in responsibilities is what will get us ahead in life. It’s not.

As you allow the little girl inside of you to come out and play without guilt, and open up to a higher vibration, you will receive guidance and information. In your inner connection, you will create an outer connection to a life of grace and ease.

So what is the little girl inside of you craving to do? Try this exercise…

  1. Get Grounded in God’s Light. Take a deep breath, allow yourself to relax, imagine the crown of your head opening up to the Universe/God, and allow a beautiful golden light to flood into your whole body.
  1. Give Your Inner Child Permission to Play. Imagine the little girl inside of you standing in front of you. Tell her, “I give you permission to play full out!”
  1. Ask Her for Guidance. Ask her what kind of play she’d like to do. You may hear your voice giving you guidance. You may have a “knowingness,” or you may see pictures in your mind’s eye. Everyone has different ways of tapping into their intuition. If you get stuck, open up your crown again and breathe.

If the answer you receive seems generic, ask for clarity. For instance, if your inner child says she wants to play outside, ask her what that looks like. Does she want to ride a bike, take a hike, or go climb a tree?

  1. Play without guilt! Take inspired action but do it without guilt. Think of yourself as connecting to joy and making life easier instead of harder, which is what guilt tries to convince us that play will do. 
  1. Play with Purpose. Think of play as part of your purpose as a Woman Leader of Love. If you find you’re being hard on yourself during playtime, stop. Remind yourself that you are bringing more joy into your life and, as a result, bringing more joy to the world.

As you give yourself permission to play on a regular basis, you will begin to truly see that the Universe is abundant and wants to support you. But the secret is to remember this one thing: Make joy your focus and let go of your guilt!


Want some help getting grounded so you can talk to your inner child and see what kind of play she’s craving? Fill in the box and I’ll give you immediate access to my guided meditation, Grounding in God’s Light. It will help you slow down and create an inner connection so you can receive the guidance you need.

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